davidandfamilyThe Go Real Europe Story

My European travels began when I was living in Germany and met my wife Katerina, who is from the Czech Republic. While visiting her family I become so inspired by the country's beauty that I began devoting every spare moment to travel to the Czech Republic. Soon we were touring other amazing Central European travel destinations as well.

Katerina taught me how to travel like a European. In the cities, we found the places the locals love most and the tourists often miss. In the countryside, we discovered castles hidden in the forest, wandered the cobblestone lanes of medieval towns, bicycled through charming villages, and much more.

I couldn't imagine going back to being a typical tourist, trapped on bus tours or river cruises, or stressed out from going it alone. So I created Go Real Europe to offer travelers the same advantages I enjoyed at an affordable price. Here's how:

  • We create a custom itinerary based on your travel preferences. You choose which cities you visit, for instance you can create your own customized Prague Vienna Budapest tour. You choose which sights to see and can also add activities like hiking, cycling, and boat cruises.
  • We include detailed travel directions in your itinerary so you can easily explore cities and use public transportation
  • We provide unique city maps that we've specially created for our travelers. The maps are marked with recommended attractions, restaurants, hidden finds, and other points of interest.

I hope you will allow Go Real Europe to introduce you to the authentic Europe that I so enjoyed exploring. I am confident that you will create memories to last a lifetime and will return to discover new European destinations with us as we grow.

Signature of David T Manley

David T. Manley
Founder, Go Real Europe