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Croatia's idyllic and sun-kissed coastline with over 1000 islands tends to steal the spotlight from its urban capital. For years, Zagreb sat quietly on the sidelines, with visitors only passing through as a transfer city to perceived more exciting southern destinations. In recent years, however, tourism has increased steadily, with tourists falling in love with its quirky galleries, trendy bars and its youthful modern atmosphere despite being a city with almost a thousand-year history. It remains cheaper than the Croatian coastline, and its relatively small size makes it easy to explore on foot or bicycle.

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Transport to Zagreb

Zagreb is a very walkable city and with its highlights situated so closely together, exploring on foot is a great way to see its historical center. However, the city does benefit from an extensive tram and bus transport system, and when you travel with Go Real Europe, you'll receive instructions on where to purchase public transport tickets (if necessary) and how to use them. 

Zagreb is located in the north of Croatia close to the Slovenian and Hungarian borders and is well served by train and bus. This makes Zagreb a great city to pair with other European cities including Ljubljana, Vienna, Munich, and Budapest to name a few. For those with bigger budgets, private shuttles are another good option for traveling between these cities.

When you travel with Go Real Europe, we take care of all of your intercity surface connections between our destination cities.

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