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Almost completely razed to the ground during WWII, the Polish capital has undergone astonishing change and renewal over the past 70 years. While there are still remnants of its turbulent past, "new" Warsaw is now one of Poland's most vibrant and thriving cities.

Modern skyscrapers break up the city's skyline, a quirky bar scene has taken root and a range of fascinating museums have been opened. Pair of all this with its captivating history, beautiful parks, squares and palaces, Warsaw makes for an interesting and exciting city to visit.

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Transport to Warsaw

As with many of its neighbouring cities, Warsaw’s historic center is very pedestrian friendly (especially on the weekends). We strongly recommend exploring the Old Town on foot, however, for places slightly further out, buses, trams, and an underground metro system  make getting around the city easy. Detailed travel directions for getting around with public transport will be included in your itinerary package.

Warsaw is well connected to neighboring cities such as Berlin and Krakow by direct trains. Overnight rail is a good option for further away destinations such as Prague and Vienna, although there are also a limited number of direct daytime trains. Warsaw’s Chopin Airport is very well connected to the wider world, with direct flights from New York, Newark, Toronto, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Dubai.

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