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Wilanow Palace

The historic summer residence of the Polish kings at the end of the old Royal Way on the outskirts of Warsaw, Wilanów Palace is known as the "Polish Versailles".

It survived Poland's 18th century partitions between Prussia, Russia and Austria, and both World Wars, and is therefore one of the Polish capital's very few historic monuments to remain in its original state. Essential visiting for all who come to soak up the capital’s lavish culture and wish to understand a little more about ancient Poland, Wilanów is more than just a palace – it represents an era from which much has been lost. The palace, park and surrounding ensemble of buildings represent the height of Polish Baroque. This is one of Poland’s greatest national treasures.


Masovia is a beautiful and interesting district where you can find a majestic Baroque palace in Nieborów, built by one of Poland's great noble families and which amazingly wasn't destroyed during the war. Even the original and authentic furnishings have survived. The palace is surrounded by an enchanting Baroque garden.

A mere 7 km from Nieborów lies the romantic English style park of Arkadia, laid out in the 18th century by the mistress of Nieborów palace. This idyllic park is full of various decorative elements made of bricks and stone, and rare specimens of trees and shrubs. You will also visit the Maurzyce open-air museum featuring examples of traditional Polish rural architecture, and folk arts and crafts.