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Sorrento, often reffered to as "the gateway to the Amalfi Coast" is quite compact town facing the Bay of Naples. Spend time pottering around its pedestrian lanes and streets, home to a number of interesting sights, little tourist boutiques, limoncello tastings and restaurants.

Experience the stunning Amalfi Coast, said to be one of Europe's most beautiful stretches of coastline, on one of wonderful excursions we carefully selected and prepared for you to get the best out of your visit. You cannot miss on taking the corniche winding road that winds around the towering cliffs with sheer drops into the sea and magnificent pastel-colored villages.

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Transport to Sorrento

Sorrento's strategic position on the Sorrentine Peninsula allows it to be accessed by car, ferry or train directly from Naples. While private shuttles are available for the 50km journey by road, the two most popular methods of transport are by train or by ferry. Sorrento is the last stop on the Circumvesuviana line that runs around the base of Mount Vesuvius along the coastline. With a journey time of approx 1 hour, this is the fastest and cheapest option. Regular ferries also run from Naples' Molo Beverello port direct into Sorrento's Marina Piccolo, located just below the city's main square, Piazza Tasso. 

Almost all onward travel from Sorrento is via Naples as the small peninsula city does not have an airport or a large train station of its own. Arrival and departure by air are via Naples International Airport and most trains to other major cities in Italy depart from Naples or Salerno. 

Sorrento is very small in size, with no real public transport. Its old town and marinas are located just a few hundred meters from each other, so exploring on foot is the best way to see the historical center. 

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