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San Francesco d'Assisi Church

You will be certainly impressed by centrally located church and convent of St. Francis. Its lovely portico with interlaced arches, trailing bougainvillea and a large tree in the center even attracts many couples to choose this impressive site as a wedding venue.

If you'll get lucky, you might spot a beautiful Italian bride on her special day.

Sorrento Cathedral

Topped by a triple-tiered belltower, Sorrento's cathedral (Duomo) is easily recognizable and is centrally located on the Corso Italia, the main thoroughfare in the heart of Sorrento. Simple in its exterior, the Duomo is home to a number of wonderful frescoes and a dramatic altar.

You'll also find examples of Sorrento’s famed intarsio (wood mosaic) work as well as paintings by artists from Sorrento’s Neapolitan School of the 1700s. 

Piazza Tasso

Sat at the heart of Sorrento lies Piazza Tasso, the main piazza, named after the Italian poet Torquato Tasso who was born in this coastal town. 

Surrounded by shops, cafes, fruit stands and horse-drawn carriages waiting to take visitors on a leisurely tour of Sorrento, it is the perfect spot to begin your explorations of Old Sorrento. 

Marina Piccola

The port of Marina Piccola, situated in a small cove of the Sorrento peninsula is just a few steps from Piazza Tasso in Sorrento center. 

It is home to a number of restaurants and Lido beaches as well as being the place from which many of the ferries to Capri depart from.