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Made famous to the world through music, Salzburg is a vibrant city that offers scenic alpine beauty, a fascinating history and a rich musical heritage which draws hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world every year.
Its most celebrated son is Mozart, and as you meander through the tiny side streets and grand squares in Salzburg’s Altstadt (Old Town), you will hear his music being played just about everywhere. Behind nearly every corner of the Old Town lays a beautiful baroque church to discover, the most famous and impressive being the Salzburger Dom, i.e. the Salzburg Cathedral.
From the city’s castle, the Hohensalzburg, you can look down on a multitude of spires or up at the Alps rising from the green countryside. In the evening, stroll along the
Mönchsberg, Salzburg’s central low-lying mountain, and hear the hills come alive with the sound of pealing church bells.
Venture to the opposite side of the Salzach River and explore the charms of the Neustadt (New Town) and the beautiful Mirabell Gardens, one of the many Sound of Music film locations that can be easily visited during your trip to Salzburg or on a half day trip with the famous Sound of Music Bus Tour.

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Transport to Salzburg

Salzburg is a very compact city and we highly recommend you explore on foot. However, should you wish, Salzburg has a very efficient public bus service that is both reliable and costs very little with frequent connections to picturesque towns such as Berchtesgaden at the foot of the Alps. 

Salzburg is also located in the center of Europe and is very well served by rail and bus from other major European cities. For those with bigger budgets, private shuttles are another good option for traveling between these cities.

Although Salzburg is Austria’s second largest airport, it currently does not have any direct transatlantic flights. Most flights will connect through one of Europe’s larger cities, such as Munich, Vienna, Amsterdam or Frankfurt.

When you travel with Go Real Europe, we take care of all of your intercity surface connections between our destination cities.

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