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Hellbrunn Palace

The picturesque Hellbrunn Palace is a must see for any trip to Salzburg. Located on the outskirts of the city, Hellbrunn Palace makes for the perfect half day trip with much to explore. Take an audio guided tour of the palace and discover the several beautiful frescoed ceilings before heading out to the gardens where the fun really begins!

There is a great deal to explore at Hellbrunn’s gardens, including hidden grottos, clever statues, reflecting pools, as well as flora and fauna. What’s more, the gardens are home to the famous Wasserspiele, trick water fountains that never fail to delight, astonish and befuddle. The fountains were actually built with the express purpose of playing practical jokes on guests, and they continue to provide plenty of amusement today.


Straddling the border between Austria and Germany, the Untersberg is Salzburg’s nearest Alpine Mountain. A visit to its peak provides the perfect opportunity to experience the delights of the Alps without travelling too far. Don't worry, there's no need to bring your climbing gear.

You can take a bus from Salzburg to the base of the mountain, and then take an exhilarating cable lift ride all the way to the limestone summit. There you will find a stupendous view of the Alps and the city of Salzburg spread out before you, and if you feel like wandering a bit, a network of rocky trails radiates out from the summit.

Königssee Lake

The breathtakingly beautiful Königssee (King’s Lake) in Bavaria is located just outside Salzburg. Surrounded by steep picturesque mountains, Königssee is one of the most popular day trip destinations from Salzburg. 

Take a cruise across the lake, the deepest in the Alps, for an unforgettable experience. The boat will take you to the red-onion domed Monastery of St. Bartholomew, where you can take a relaxing and enchanting walk along the forested lake shore, gazing up at the majestic mountains surrounding you.

A hikers paradise…

For those who are energetic and have a passion for hiking, you can also continue on the boat to the far end of the lake, and then take a hike to a dramatic waterfall.

If you want to spend more time in the area, you can also take a cable car up into the mountains and explore the rocky alpine peaks and enjoy the most amazing panoramic views.

Eagles Nest

Embark on a guided tour with experts on the Third Reich to Eagle’s Nest, the former retreat of Adolf Hitler. Located high on a peak above Berchtesgaden in the Bavarian Alps, you can enjoy breath-taking 360 panoramic views of the Alps from the lodge.  To reach the summit, you will use the impressive tunnel and elevator system which was blasted into the mountain in record time in order to allow Hitler to quickly ascend to the top. Although, it was built as his holiday home in the mountains, Hitler only ended up visiting the lodge a couple of times.

During your guided trip you will also venture into the extensive complex of tunnels and bunkers below the summit, and visit the Documentation Center, which explains how Hitler was able to rise to power and become such a destructive and evil force in the world.


Wedged between the shores of a pristine alpine lake and dramatic mountains, Hallstatt is a tiny town that is a popular day trip destination for those visiting Salzburg. It is easy to see why Hallstatt is one of the most photographed villages in the whole of Austria, with its pastel-colored houses that reflect so perfectly on the shimmering lake.

While the town’s beauty draws in the crowds, it was the nearby salt mines that initially made Hallstatt so prosperous. The wealth from salt mining financed many of the impressive historical buildings, which now make the town even more picturesque.

Take a walk through the town and take a snapshot of your own before boarding the funicular railway, located near the town, which leads to a panoramic viewing platform and an ancient salt mine. Still in operation today, you can tour the Salt Mine and learn about its 7000 year old history.


About 20 miles from Salzburg, just across the German border, lies the charming mountain town of Berchtesgaden. This picturesque Bavarian town is nestled amidst a dramatic Alpine valley and sits within the Berchtesgaden National Park, one of the oldest protected areas in the Alps.

Blessed with over 900 years of recorded history, Berchtesgaden is an interesting town to explore and easily paired with sights such as Eagle’s Nest and Konigssee Lake for a full day trip out of Salzburg. Wander the narrow, winding streets while admiring the beautifully painted pastel houses. Delight in the sound of local Bavarian music, visit the charming market squares and the medieval palace. There are also plenty of traditional Bavarian restaurants and shops selling local crafts and art.

Hohenwerfen Castle and Ice Caves

There are few castles in the world that are as impressive as the Hohenwerfen Castle, located 40km south of Salzburg. The 900 year old castle sits proudly on a 500-feet high rocky crag, overlooking the Salzach Valley below.

Visit as a day trip from Salzburg and take the funicular to the top of the Hohenwerfen Castle where you can take a tour of the castle interiors, as well as the extensive castle courtyards. Not far from the castle, near the top of an Alpine peak, is the entrance to the world’s largest ice cave. Visitors walk through the ice covered cave, lighting the way through vast ice halls and narrow passages with kerosene lamps. This unforgettable voyage is not for the faint of heart but will certainly make an adventurous addition to any Salzburg itinerary.

Salzkammergut Lake District

Enjoy the romantic Salzkammergut Lake District where Salzburg's Prince Archbishops staged royal hunts and the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph and his family spent their summer vacations. 

Explore the little town of St. Gilgen, where Mozart's mother was born and take a 45-minute boat ride to picturesque St. Wolfgang.