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Tivoli is an ancient town that has always been something of a retreat from Rome. In Roman times it was known as Tibur, a retirement town for the wealthy. These days it is a popular day trip from Rome. 

The main attractions in Tivoli are its historical villas, Villa d'Este and Villa Adriana. Each one is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and offers its own unique glimpse of history.

Ostia Antica

Just 20 miles from Rome lies one of the largest and most interesting excavation sites and preserved ruins of the Roman Empire outside of Pompeii; Ostia Antica. As one of Rome’s most missed and undervalued site by tourists visiting the city, its an easy and must do day trip for anyone interested in the Roman history and life as it was in one of Rome's original port cities. 

Explore the warehouses, mosaics, necropolis, mansions, shopping arcades and apartments of the historic port town which offers a more gritty look at everyday Roman life compared to the wealthier and more extravagant Pompeii in Naples. 

Monte Casino

Enjoy a full-day trip from Rome to the historic town of Cassino and tour the Abbey of Montecassino, one of the most well-known Abbeys in the world. You will see also some of the cemeteries for the various military groups and nationalities who are held in high esteem by the local people.  

Polish, New Zealand, US, French, British and so many others who helped to free Italy from the grip if the Third Reich.