Vicki Bimblich, New York, New York

My husband and I are independent travelers. We don’t like group tours because we prefer to do what we like when we like without being rushed, and without being at the mercy of a group schedule. On the other hand, it’s tough to navigate a country you’re unfamiliar with entirely on your own without missing out on a lot, and without having to spend inordinate amounts of time on research – time that we don’t necessarily have. That’s where Go Real Europe comes in.

Our vacation in Prague was a perfect balance of exploring on our own while being supported by the knowledge and virtual presence of David Manley at the other end of a cell phone line. David checked on us several times during our stay in Prague to make sure all was well and that we didn’t need any extra help with anything. He provided transport tickets and a ton of local information up front of the sort that one doesn’t normally get when traveling, unless you’re visiting local relatives or friends. The Go Real Europe experience is the perfect hybrid between being in control of your own leisure travel while having the support and guidance of a friendly local presence. My only complaint is that I wish they were in other places in addition to the Central Europe!

I would never travel without them, if that were the case. I have referred them to several friends since our return and would recommend their services without reservation.

About Go Real Europe

My mission is to make travel better for our clients. Less stress, but more authenticity and fulfilment.

David Manley

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