Tony & Vivian Perng, Bay Area, California

We just got back from our Prague, Bohemia and Vienna trip. It was unforgettably great! We had never used a travel service to plan our trips before, so we cannot help but tell our family and friends (and everyone) about the wonderful experiences we had with Go Real Europe.

As a matter of fact, this service enabled us to be stress-free, and to totally enjoy and explore the beauty of Prague, Bohemia and Vienna. We are so pleased with Go Real Europe. With the comprehensive itinerary, handy maps marked with local hidden gems, local eatery and shop recommendations, and live assistance only a phone-call away, we were able to truly control our own agenda and totally enjoy the trip without extensive self-study and planning.

Most importantly, the cost of service is surprisingly reasonable; after the trip, we are further convinced that it was totally worth it. We discovered the web-site as we started our “self-planning” efforts for the trip. We took advantage of the itinerary-creation survey on web, with no expectation of what we would get; surprisingly we got a decent first draft back from David. But the reality is that lots of details and logistics still needed to be sorted and planned out. As both of us acknowledge that planning a trip is a time consuming and energy-drained task, we decided to give Go Real Europe a call to find out exactly what service they could offer.

At first, we were certainly somewhat skeptical; however our every conversation and every email exchange with David throughout the process was so productive. We were actually extremely impressed by the quality of service (attention to details and well thought-out plans for travelers like us, “foreigners but wanting to be self-guided in a foreign country”). We have to say that much of the advice, ideas, insights and the itinerary we got from Go Real Europe are something we could hardly achieve/obtain from website self-research. The level of professionalism, quality of information and serviced offered from Go Real Europe was just perfect. With their service, our planning process turned out to be so personal and hassle-free; indeed it was such a pleasant and wonderful experience.

During the trip, we totally made the best use of the info and materials we were given by Go Real Europe. We were so well-equipped that we could efficiently explore and experience a lot more in comparison to other tourists. We have quite a few global travel experiences in our past, but this is the first time we truly felt that we were able to see and do more than just being regular tourists. Most importantly we enjoyed this trip so much more and learned so much more about the local cultures besides the richness of the Czech historical backgrounds.

Oh, before I forget, the hotel recommendations provided were more than perfect. Each place has its own charm and character, not to mention they were all in perfect locations. In addition, with David’s suggestions and arrangement, we also attended the opera Carmen, in the National Theater. What a grand theater! We also got great seats for a great price! Driving through the beautiful countryside and visiting several local attractions and historical sites along the way to Cesky Krumlov in south Bohemia was such a cool experience. Spending a few nights in South Bohemia was the other highlight of the trip. The personal bike tour we took in the Bohemian countryside was fun. The bike tour guide was more than great. Not just did we enjoy the outdoor beautiful scenery, but we also learned so much of the history and local culture. Again, without Go Real Europe, we would have not been able to do that much.Next, Vienna…what a grand city! We continued the wonderful travel experiences as we proceeded towards the end of our trip in Vienna… We had such a great time during the trip, as well as during the extremely pleasant planning experience before the trip.

We have deep appreciation of the service Go Real Europe provides. Go Real Europe truly made this trip a life-time memorable event for us. Actually, we started thinking about our next trip already; and are definitely looking forward to our next trip with Go Real Europe to other cities……

Thank you again, David


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