Sheryn Miles, Balhannah, South Australia

Hi David,

Sorry to have taken so long to do this, I’ve been home nearly 2 weeks now and slowly getting back to normal after some serious jet lag.

Thank you so much for organizing my Czech Republic/Austria holiday. It was absolutely perfect. It was so detailed there was never any concern by me as to how to get to where I was going. Every day was so filled with new adventures that when I finished and went to Italy. I actually felt a bit lost for a few days with what to do, where to go and how to get there because I had been so spoiled with what you had organized for me.

I absolutely loved Prague and everyone who has asked me what was my highlight has been told “Prague”. The hotel on Kampa Garden Island was in a perfect location and walking across the Charles Bridge most mornings with fog over the river was a beautiful sight. The metro system in Prague was excellent, as was in Vienna. With your directions, it was so easy to head for the correct track without looking too much like a target for possible pick pockets. As a solo female traveller, I always felt safe and without any stress about how to get about. The mix of private transfers and bus was just right. The trip to Karlovy Vary, while a bit too long a day, was excellent and Casino Royale was on TV here last week so I had to watch it again just because I had been there. The Student Agency bus trips were excellent, they really are comfortable buses and well managed. Of my 9 weeks in Europe, the two weeks in the Czech Republic and Austria was a wonderful experience and extremely great value for money.

If I get the opportunity to travel to Europe again, I will definitely come back to Prague and perhaps Budapest and Krakow and of course, I’ll be in touch then! If any of your prospective clients want to contact me, please feel free to give them my email.

Cheers and thanks again.

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