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As an experienced traveler accustomed to making my own itineraries and travel arrangements I admit that I was leery about using an outside agency for my girlfriend’s and my 12-night, 4-city vacation thru Eastern Europe. But working with David Manley at Go Real Europe was worth every penny……and our vacation was memorable, exceeding all my expectations.

Below are a few reasons why we were so delighted to have worked with David:

First….our vacation involved getting in and out of 4 cities in 4 countries….researching any one of these cities would have been time consuming, let alone doing the same job for 4 cities…..also, with distinct language and currency issues, we relied on David for getting all the details resolved, arranging for drivers who were reliable and stationed exactly as David mentioned they’d be…..to say nothing of helping us navigate the Vienna metro and trains both to get around the city easily, as well as to take side trips to Grinzing, Melk and Krems with no hassle or mishap.

Second….outstanding hotel accomodations….aside from being superbly located in easy walking distance of all city attractions and restaurants, each place I also recommended highly for the quality of rooms, service and breakfast.

Third…..David’s guides were OUTSTANDING….and the itineraries were structured in a manner that our guided tours were well-spaced for our needs….leaving us plenty of time to explore other sites on our own….in every case the guide was extremely knowledgeable, informative and engaging, giving us as much time to ask questions or explore sites as we needed…..we felt that we’d sat in a college course learning each country’s history and culture, which greatly enhanced the appreciation we had for each.

Fourth….GREAT VALUE…..even factoring in what we consider a modest fee, David’s package was significantly less than what we’d have otherwise paid on our own….the total cost of our trip was under our budget and we still had the added value of all David’s excellent recommendations.

Fifth…..David has a passion for what he does and will go to the “nth” degree to satisfy his clients….prior to the trip I had so many questions and concerns that the logistics would go awry…..which David alleviated with quick, substantive responses….mostly by email, but by phone as well…he called us again after we’d arrived to see how we were doing and whether we needed anything else…..and we had the pleasure of meeting David in person before we left Vienna. From a standpoint of support, value, detailed planning and expert insight, David was superb.

Feel free to call or email me to discuss my memorable Eastern Europe vacation with Go Real Europe.


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