Rick & Karla Hatcher, The Woodlands, Texas

My wife and I have been to Europe several times and never used any type of company to help us with hotels, trips, activities or other information. We decided that since we had never ventured this far into central Europe that we would give Go Real Europe a call just to see what they offered. We were impressed with what we heard and took a chance just to see if they would deliver what was advertised. They delivered everything that they said they would and more!

The information provided on how to navigate through public transportation systems in Vienna and Prague was invaluable and the directions to follow in getting to attractions was extremely detailed and accurate. The hotels that we stayed in were nicer than we were used to obtaining on our own and there were things to see and do that we would not have found on our own. The personalized itinerary was perfect, the guided tours were second to none and the Go Real Europe staff was very personable and accessible when we had questions.

Our experience with Go Real Europe could not have been better!

About Go Real Europe

My mission is to make travel better for our clients. Less stress, but more authenticity and fulfilment.

David Manley

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