Michael, Case, Pflugerville, Texas

Hi, David,

I had a great time! The trip was wonderful. The guides were great. The arrangements for transfers were perfect. What I really liked was being able to call you when I needed help or advice. Priceless as they say! I just had one of the best vacations I ever had thanks to your advice and planning and suggestions. The directions were superb. The detail really helped as those streets could get very confusing very fast. When I was going places without the directions I found it very confusing at times because I get lost easily and turned around easily.

By the time I left Vienna however I felt very confident. I often changed things around and spent more time in one area than the plan called for, but its directions and descriptions made that possible and made those changes pleasurable and brought me what I wanted to see and do without getting lost. Creating a plan can be really, really tough, but altering it when you have a master plan like yours was so much easier to do when I wanted to do so. For example I found I did need more downtime than the plan called for. I knew going in that would most likely be true and it was. So I missed a few things, but I also added some great things - like the garden around the Castle in Prague. I had a couple of really delightful hours exploring that and reading all the tree signs. It was one of the best times I had.

The gardens in Vienna that you said could be missed really were disappointing and I didn't spend any time at all in them... I saw a wonderful Lipizzaner show. Another highlight for me! But I was that horse crazy little girl a long time ago who loved lipizzaners 60 years ago... All in all a delightful great time and I know I couldn´t have done it without your guidance.

So thanks David. And thanks for checking with me as well. Any time you need a reference have them get in touch with me. You have my vote!


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David Manley

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