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When we first started contemplating a vacation to Europe, we imagined an extra special trip where travel between cities would be interesting and exciting and hotels would be really cozy with lots of charm; near good restaurants /pubs and within walking distance of major attractions; and, that didn’t cost a fortune in this down economy. We started with an online search of hotel and transportation options and quickly found that we would need help if we were going to achieve our goal. There is SO much out there; how does one know what is a good value and what is not? During a couple of searches, we found Go Real Europe and were intrigued. We liked the idea of having a travel agent plan a trip based on a comprehensive survey of personal preferences. We had never used a travel agent before and decided to research Go Real Europe more.

We completed the comprehensive travel preference survey and from that, Go Real Europe put together a tentative itinerary. Following the itinerary, we received a phone call from David Manley, owner of Go Real Europe, to introduce himself. David seemed great over the phone and we began to feel more comfortable with the idea of using Go Real Europe to plan our trip; and we are really glad we did. They planned a better trip than we could have planned ourselves and surprisingly, at a better cost than we could have managed on our own. From the comprehensive travel preference survey to follow-up phone calls, Go Real Europe worked with us every step of the way to ensure we were completely satisfied with every detail of the planned itinerary. David was extremely responsive, using e-mail and phone calls to confirm details and answer questions. David’s level of responsiveness and attention to detail made us feel very special and helped relieve any anxiety we might have had with using an online travel agent that we had never heard of before. I would recommend that anyone planning a trip to Europe, and in particular, Prague (a Go Real Europe specialty), use Go Real Europe to plan their trip.

Go Real Europes intimate knowledge of Prague and European travel overall, will guarantee an amazing vacation experience. Highlights of our trip follow and provide examples of why we recommend Go Real Europe to plan a trip to Prague/Europe.

Transportation to/from Airports and Train stations: Traveling in a foreign country can be daunting, even if some people do speak English. Go Real Europe helped ease travel anxiety by arranging taxi pick-up from hotels and drop-off at train stations and airports. We never had to worry about how we were going to get from the airport to our hotel or who was going to pick us up at the train station. David arranged for pre-paid pick-up service that was always there waiting for us.

Transportation between cities: Our preference was to travel by train between cities (Hamburg, Berlin, Prague, and Vienna) and when we initially looked online at the price of train tickets, we were shocked by the high prices. We don’t know how David did it, but he got us 1st Class train tickets (at 2nd Class prices) and it made for an extra-special experience. 1st Class on European trains includes a private cabin with food and beverage service. It was wonderful!

Transportation within the cities: To encourage the use of public transportation, Go Real Europe provided pre-paid tickets with instructions for using the public metro system. When we got to the hotel, an envelope of public transportation tickets was waiting for us in our room. Public transportation in Prague (and the other European cities we visited) was easy to use and having the metro tickets already in-hand made the whole experience that much easier. I highly recommend using public transportation; it’s easy, fast, reliable and much less expensive than taxi’s.

Accommodations: Go Real Europe exceeded our expectations in arranging hotel accommodations that suited our personal preferences and provided excellent value. To our delight, we had no trouble with reservations or checking-in to the hotels, and our rooms were exactly as described (actually better than the pictures). David made it extra special by having a bottle of wine (with a welcome note) waiting for us in our room. Taking it a step further, Go Real Europe provided copies of all hotel reservations and confirmations as part of our itinerary, which we didn’t use, but were nice to have and helped provide reassurance that if something had gone wrong, we would have all the information needed to help resolve the situation. You can trust Go Real Europe to take care of you!

Sightseeing: Go Real Europe went beyond our expectations in suggesting options for sightseeing and touring. As part of the itinerary, Go Real Europe provided street maps and step-by-step walking directions to various points of interest. The streets of Prague form quite a maze, and the maps proved very helpful. It was evident that Go Real Europe has an intimate knowledge of Prague and the maps helped alleviate any unnecessary frustration with trying to navigate through the city.

Guided Castle Tour: One of the things we hoped to arrange on our vacation was a day-trip that included a little adventure; interesting transportation, a little hiking or biking, a cozy lunch at a local venue with beautiful scenery and exciting points of interest. Go Real Europe arranged a day-trip that proved to be all of that and more. Go Real Europe arranged for a private guide (which made us feel very special) to take us to Krivoklat Castle; about 20 miles or so outside of Prague. The guide was extremely knowledgeable about the area, spoke English well (with a great Czech accent), and was very patient; answering all of our questions and providing interesting trivia along the way. We got all that we wanted and more; a private guide, travel on an old Communist-era train that provided a sense of nostalgia and charm, hiking through lush forested areas, and visiting a castle built in the 1100’s. It was a wonderful experience; one of the best days of our trip.

Special Boat Tour: I am a photo enthusiast always looking for the next great photo opportunity. Before finding Go Real Europe online, I found a website that offered scenic boat tours on the Vltava River in Prague. Go Real Europe offered to arrange a similar tour and booked a reservation for 1:00 on a Wednesday. I immediately thought to enquire about an evening tour, when evening light is more suited to photo-taking. David checked and confirmed that evening tours were not offered. I was disappointed, but decided to stick with the 1:00 tour anyway. I was delighted when a couple of days later, David e-mailed to say that he had made arrangements for a special evening tour. Not only did David arrange a special evening tour, but he also arranged for a private guide. It was a great evening and I got some fantastic photos!

Tickets to Cultural Events: We always try to attend a cultural event while on travel but it can be tricky to try and arrange good seats at reasonable prices. Great seats are important, why go if you can’t see or hear well? Go Real Europe took that worry out of our hands by making all the arrangements; and we got great seats at a great price! We saw the Marriage of Figaro at the Estates Theatre; a wonderful Italian production (that was discreetly subtitled in English and Czech) that we will never forget; it was an amazing experience.

We would like to say thank you to Go Real Europe for taking the uncertainty of travel planning out of our hands and planning one of the best vacations we have ever had. Thank you, Go Real Europe!


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