Lori Arce, Boynton Beach, Florida

We had a wonderful time in Prague and Vienna! Our hotel in Prague was exceptional. The hotel staff were friendly and professional. The breakfast was way more than I could have asked for. They assisted us in making dinner reservations one evening and it turned out perfectly. Our room was comfortable, quiet and clean! :) We could not have asked for more!

After moving around the city for a few short days it was great to get out on the bikes into the countryside! We loved Petr and really enjoyed the bike trip planned for us. We are in okay shape, but nothing like him. He definitely challenged us which we both love! Cycling with Petr was the highlight of our trip. We enjoyed talking to him about all the places he has cycled and he made us promise to come back for more adventure, maybe some kayaking or something of that sort. The only problem is the 1 year 4-year-old kids we have, they usually keep us pretty close to home!

It was really great to meet you for few brief moments at the train station. It is always helpful to put a face with a name and a voice! Our transfer to the train station was seamless. And the train trip in 2nd class was perfect! I can't imagine that 1st class would have offered anything of necessity for such a short trip.

Vienna was also a beautiful city. We spent a lot of time walking everywhere. A couple of highlights of Vienna were the museum of fine arts, the Belvedere, and walking around in the evening near the Town Hall and Parliament. The buildings are beautifully lit up at night! Our hotel was enough for what we needed and the breakfast was sufficient. We also liked the boat trip on the Danube. We almost skipped it because I was tired and didn't really want to go through the effort of trying to figure out the trains and boats, but William gave me a little push and I so did it. What a beautiful day, and perfect weather! We met 2 nice couples that made the time in Melk very nice as well as the boat trip. We didn't get off at any of the stops, and because we were short on time we went directly to the train station in Krems. We ended up skipping Grinzing and decided to go to the opera instead. We bought tickets from the guys dressed up on the street and got totally scammed, but we enjoyed the evening! ;) That's what we get for going off the plan! The trip was very short, but a long time to be away from the kids.

We had a blast and will recommend you to anyone we know coming to the areas you serve. Thanks again for helping us.


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