Jeff & Louise Sykes, Arlington, Virginia

Hi David!

This is Jeffery and Louise Sykes. We just wanted to once again thank you for such a wonderful trip that you planned for us. It was the best time of our lives! You were right on with the directions to each of the sites, metro stations and the tour office. We never lost our way; you made it so that we always felt confident when we were on our way to the next destination.

We also loved how we had the flexibility in our schedule to do whatever, whenever aside from the planned tours. We loved our apartment and you couldn´t have picked a better neighborhood that absolutely matched our personality. We really felt part of the neighborhood. We would like to plan a trip in a few years with our kids. We want to go to London for a few days then catch the underwater train to Paris and stay for a few days. We hope that you would be the one to plan that family trip for us. Once again thank you for planning the most enjoyable, romantic, and exciting trip that both of us have ever been on.

We will never forget our 10th Anniversary and honeymoon - that we never had!!!

Take care David and God Bless!

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