Jack & Margaret Fischer, Boston, Massachusetts

David, We arrived home safely after a smooth flight from Vienna via Lufthansa. Margaret and I were very pleased with our entire Eastern Europe experience and found working with you and your staff quite easy and enjoyable. We were especially pleased with the hotels you selected as all were superbly located, very convenient to the center of most activities and the staff at each location most helpful and easy to deal with. While we had been to Europe and the Middle East several times over the years, we had never been to your area of the world before and were most impressed with the history, people and culture to which we we were exposed. Our guides were terrific, extremely knowledgeable and all spoke English about as well as we did. We found the itinerary quite easy to follow, didn´t get lost too often and appreciated the detailed instructions you included for getting around, using the metro systems.

We had a wonderful celebration of our 50th Anniversary and couldn´t have chosen a nicer location or better way to commemorate this special milestone in our life together. By the time we got to Vienna, we were both getting a little tired walking and tried to get back to our hotel by mid afternoon for a brief rest. Hence, we decided to opt for a special dinner on the evening of the 13th, our actual anniversary. Margaret felt very badly that we hadn´t notified our guide Martin but we didn´t realize we would be his only tourists that evening and would be concerned about our absence. We have two friends going on the river cruise from Prague to Budapest quite soon and we are anxious to compare notes. Personally, I can´t see how they could possible see as much as did we and one of the highlights for us was staying in four lovely Hotels right in the center of all the activities.

We even managed to catch the Prague Marathon though chose not to participate!!

Thanks for all your hard work and especially keeping a watchful eye over us. Please also thank your staff and especially Lucie Tyfova who procured our tickets to La Traviata which was wonderful and also all of our train and metro tickets, all of which worked without a hitch. Good luck in your future endeavors and thanks for everything you did to keep us safe and everything running smoothly.

Hope we meet again.

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