Christine Zander (the Aussie girl), Valley View, South Australia

You have no idea how this trip has surpassed what I thought I would be able to achieve.

The transport at the Prague airport was wonderful, I was so glad to have someone meet me. The hotel in Prague was nice and the room was huge. I would recommend it, although the stairs could be a little overpowering. The Hotel Savoy in Vienna is just a little gem of hotel. Again the rooms are amazing in size for Europe. With the hotels great location and Go Real Europes instructions, it was very convenient and easy to get to everything I wanted to do.

The Skype was nice too - what a joy to be able to ring home without worrying about a bill. But the best thing for me was the transport passes. They were wonderful and allowed me to sneak out of range, and to see parts of the city I normally might have been too worried to visit. I sort of felt that I was orienteering. The public transport systems are wonderful, just a little bit confusing sometimes, so it was so reassuring to have your instructions. And finally the money conversion cheat sheet was great. I would have had no way of figuring out the value of the Czech Korona without that lovely little sheet, and it was a valued tool in my pocket.

Thank you again, you have made me very happy with all that you arranged.

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