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what can I say that I have not said before. Go Real Europe is amazing. Your attention to detail is not to be believed. From the moment we arrived at our hotel in Prague, and found you waiting to greet us, to the last phone call at our hotel in Budapest to insure that the driver was there to take us to the airport proved that YOU ARE THE BEST at what you do.

You know how much time I took to research all that we wanted to see in the three cities we were to visit. Go Real Europe added so much more, including the private tours, the restaurants, the places out of the city that made this trip the best ever. I have been to Europe 19 times, 7 in the past 3 years. I have traveled alone, with friends, with my wife, with groups, and escorted tours. YOUR way of traveling, I have to admit, is the best.

David, the best of luck to you. If anyone wants to call me about your tours, my phone number in NY (toll free) is 1 888 676 8433. My email is Anyone who books with another tour group and not Go Real Europe will miss out on the best European experience around.

About Go Real Europe

My mission is to make travel better for our clients. Less stress, but more authenticity and fulfilment.

David Manley

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