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Plitvice Lakes

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Plitvice Lakes

Plitvice Lakes was granted UNESCO World Heritage status back in the late 70’s for its unrivaled natural beauty, breath-taking views and its unique fauna and flora found in and around its picturesque turquoise waters. With over 18km of wooden footbridges and walkways that snake around the numerous lakes, Plitvice is easily explored on foot, or you can save time and take advantage of the park’s free boats and buses to take you from one entrance to another. 

Plitvice Lakes are divided into two halves, Upper Lakes (Entrance 2) & Lower Lakes (Entrance 1). There is stunning scenery almost everywhere you look in the National Park – but for some of the best photo opportunities (looking down on to the lakes and waterfalls from up high), and if you are short on time, it’s Entrance 1 that you will want to head to. 

The Upper Lakes

The Upper Lakes (Gornja jezera) are a system of 12 lakes separated by travertine barriers. Take an electric boat from the largest lake, Kozjak, to the Lower Lakes and enjoy the most eye-catching and majestic of any natural attraction in Croatia, if not all the Balkans.


The Lower Lakes

Veliki Slap, the tallest waterfall in Croatia, 11 miles of wooden footbridges and pathways, fields of wild orchids, waters changing from emerald green to aqua blue and picture-perfect views are just some of the reasons why the Plitvice Lakes were added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites.