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Nuremberg Castle

Commonly known as Nuremberg Castle, the Kaiserburg sits poignantly above Nuremberg’s Altstadt. In the Middle Ages, this castle was one of the most important castles of the Holy Roman Empire. The enormous castle complex is made up of several structures. 

Explore the residential wing of the castle on a guided tour, visit the Imperial Chapel and the interesting exhibition which focuses on the castle's history. You may also wish to visit Sinwell Tower for panoramic views over the city and to stare down the 48m Well. 


Discover the extraordinary, beautiful and historical medieval walled city of Nuremberg. Stroll around its Altstadt (Old Town) that once sat at the heart of the Holy Roman Empire and the Third Reich. 

Discover picturesque bridges, fountains and quaint architecture and take in sights such as Hangman's Bridge, the Main Market Square, Craftsmen’s Courtyard and the historical cellars, home to Nuremberg’s brewing traditions.

Palace of Justice Nuremberg

Nuremberg is a city synonymous with the National Socialist Party or the Nazi Party. Known as the “city of the Nazi Party Rallies”, it was a place where members of the party would gather annually from 1933 until the liberation of Nuremberg in 1945 by the American Army. 

On 20th November of the same year, the trial of 21 leading representatives of the Nazi regime began in courtroom 600 of the Nuremberg Palace of Justice. Renovated into a museum in 2010, it is now one of Nuremberg’s most popular museums, and a must visit for anyone interested in World War 2 history. 

Nazi Rally Grounds

Located just a short 15-minute tram ride from the historical center of Nuremberg the Nazi Party Rally Grounds lay as a collective reminder of the annual party rallies that were held here from 1933 – 1945. 

Now the legions of Hitler have turned to dust and the remains of their shock-and-awe playground are rotting stones and crumbling steps, the pathetic leftovers of a regime its crazed creator claimed would last for 1,000 years. Despite falling into disrepair, the numerous buildings of the Nazi Party Rally Grounds remain as one of the main attractions in Germany for those interested in the history of World War Two and the evils of the Nazi regime.