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When you visit Munich you’ll experience a city that combines German tradition with a youthful modern atmosphere. As the capital of the state of Bavaria and Germany’s third largest city, it is known as the city of beer and lederhosen. Munich is an absolutely charming city that can be visited any time of the year. Many will know Munich for the famous Oktoberfest, but it has plenty more to offer, including beautiful parks and architecture, a wonderful Old Town, plenty of interesting history and the world’s biggest museum of technology.

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Transport to Munich

Munich is a large city, in fact it is Germany’s third largest after Berlin and Hamburg. That being said, Munich is best explored on foot with the help of its extremely reliable and punctual public transport system. While in the Altstadt you can easily walk from sight to sight (in fact you have to as it is a car free zone), many of Munich’s other sights can easily be reached by using its extensive network of U-Bahn underground metro and S-Bahn over ground network of trains and its trams and buses, making it easy to get to almost anywhere in the city. Detailed travel directions for getting around with public transport will be included in your itinerary package.

Munich is well connected to neighbouring cities such as Salzburg, Vienna, and Prague by direct trains. Direct trains also link Munich to most of Germany’s larger cities, such as Berlin. Munich’s Franz Josef Strauss International Airport is very large and fantastically connected to the wider world, with direct flights from many of North America’s’s larger cities, as well as to other global hubs such as Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong and Bangkok.

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