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Most tourists who head to Italy are often in search of gems from the country's illustrious past, but Milan is Italy's city of the future, a face paced and modern metropolis where looking good is compulsory. Long considered the industrious, somewhat scruffy and unlovable stepsister of Rome and Florence, Milan has lately been casting off its old clothes and putting on some designer threads, growing in popularity, with tourists flocking to experience its hearty and robust cuisine, majestic architecture, world-class art and of course, its world-renowned fashion. As fashion capital of the world, Milan is a world-class stop on the international fashion stage, but beneath its superficial appearance, you'll find an old city with a deep history that extends back through Renaissance, medieval, and Roman times.

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Transport to Milan

Milan is Italy's thriving capital of fashion, culture, and contemporaneity. Despite it being a growing metropolis, Milan is relatively easy to explore on foot, but for those who wish to preserve their energy, the city has a great public transport system of buses, trams and modern metro system that connects many of the top sights together. 

Milan is very well served by rail from most if not all of Italy's larger cities. This makes visiting Milan very easy to pair with other Italian gems such as Venice, Florence, Rome, and Naples. Milan also has two three airports with many direct flights from European cities including London, Amsterdam, Munich, Prague, Vienna and even Budapest. There are also direct intercontinental flights from New York, Montreal and Toronto to name but a few.

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