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Lucerne is a picturesque city located in central Switzerland. This Swiss city is often considered to be the gateway to the Alps because of its close proximity to the glorious mountain range. It is the perfect starting place for many mountain excursions including Rigi and Pilatus.

Lucerne, like many other Swiss cities, has its own lake, Lake Lucerne, which helps create a beautiful scene against the mountainous backdrop. Steamboat cruises along the lake are popular with both locals and tourists. This medieval city is home to the oldest covered wooden bridge in Europe, Chapel Bridge, which is also one of its main tourist attractions. Historic house line the streets and squares that makeup Old Town Lucerne. This is a city that offers something for everyone from adventurous mountain excursions to casual strolls along the lake or through the city. For those looking for a truly Swiss experience, Lucerne is the place to visit. 

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Transport to Lucerne

Switzerland is known for its fast, reliable and extensive train network. Therefore, when traveling around Switzerland we highly recommend travel by train. To reach Lucerne, there are numerous fast connections with Zurich daily and from Lucerne, there are connections to all the major Swiss cities at least once an hour. There are also multiple connections by train to other nearby European cities including Frankfurt in Germany, Salzburg and Vienna in Austria and Milan and Venice in Italy. Since Lucerne does not have its own airport, all international flights will arrive in Zurich, with onward train travel to Lucerne. 

The town center of Lucerne is relatively small and can be easily explored on foot or by public transport which consists of both buses and local trains. While public transport tickets are not included in your itinerary, they can be purchased locally and easily for a nominal cost. 

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