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Ljubljana is unlike any other capital city in Europe. As the smallest and one of the newest European capitals, it has no world famous attractions and yet hundreds of thousands of tourists visit the city every year. As one of the continent’s greenest and most livable cities, it was awarded the title of “the Green Capital of Europe” by the EU in 2016. With car traffic restricted, the city center of Ljubljana is a peaceful haven of cobbled streets, beautiful architecture and picturesque bridges that cross over the banks of the emerald-green Ljubljanica River that flows through the city’s heart.

Life takes a slower pace here, with no need to hop on or hop off any bus, run around taking photos of iconic buildings or crossing items off your bucket list. In Ljubljana, all you have to do it wander its tranquil streets and enjoy the city in its entirety.

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Transport to Ljubljana

Ljubljana is a very small town, so exploring on foot is the only way to visit its historic center.

Ljubljana is well served by train from many European cities including Budapest, Salzburg, Munich and Vienna. Its location in the heart of Slovenia also makes it a great city to explore on the way to Croatia, with connections to Zagreb, Plitvice Lakes and Split by train or by private shuttle.

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