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Old Town

Ljubljana is a charming little capital and like many other cities in Europe, it has an Old Town located at its heart. Geographically and socially speaking, the pulsing heart of Ljubljana is Prešernov trg, a small and animated square on the left bank of the Ljubljanica River named after France Prešeren, the national poet. The square is Ljubljana's main point of reference where open-air cafes do a brisk trade, and street performers and musicians keep the tourist crowds entertained during the summer months.

Since the majority of Ljubljana is pedestrianized, you can enjoy a slow-paced wander through its narrow streets, marveling at its baroque facades and picturesque bridges spanning the river. Perhaps the most famous sight in Ljubljana is the enchanting Triple Bridge, a brilliant piece of architecture and the city’s most photographed landmark.  Other sights of interest include the city’s main public park, Tivoli Park, Dragon Bridge and Ljubljana Cathedral.

Ljubljana Castle

Resting on a verdant green hill immediately overlooking the old town, Ljubljana’s Castle is a mighty medieval fortress and a symbol of the Slovenian capital. This 900-year-old castle is one of the city’s main attractions with its towers and fortress walls offering some of the most beautiful views of the city. 

The castle houses an interesting museum on Slovenian history as well as a puppet museum. There’s also a fascinating 3D virtual presentation chronicling the city’s development. The Castle can be quickly reached by funicular railway or on foot via numerous walking paths.

Ljubljana Culinary Tour

Enjoy the flavours of Ljubljana and get to know the city's culinary offerings and traditions. This tour will give you an insight into traditional Ljubljana dishes, which are today mostly prepared using modern cooking methods and have recently been given a new life as part of the much-acclaimed Taste Ljubljana project.

Here, you will explore a street food outlet, a traditional 'gostilna' restaurant with a historical theme, two modern restaurants, one of which follows the model of socially responsible entrepreneurship, and a catering outlet located at a popular lookout point.