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Krakow combines the loveliness of Prague with the quaintness and relaxed pace of a smaller city. Its cobblestoned streets and beautiful historic buildings tend to simultaneously enchant and inspire visitors. The city’s beauty and storied past has made Krakow a symbol of the Polish nation and one of the most famous cities in the country.

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Transport to Krakow

Like many Central European cities, Krakow’s city center is very pedestrian friendly and we strongly recommend exploring it on foot. However, for sights located oustide of the historic center, trams and buses are available and public transport tickets are always included in your itinerary package.

With its many connections to the major European hubs, Krakow’s John Paul II airport is only one flight connection away from many international airports. 

Krakow is connected to Warsaw by a direct train, and during warmer months, a direct train also runs to Prague (in winter months we suggest a combination of train and bus). Overnight trains are also a good option for travel to Prague, Vienna, and Budapest. A great way to see the beautiful countryside is to travel by private shuttle to Berlin or Budapest.

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