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Museum of Tourism

Nearby Interlaken, in Unterseen, there is a special museum dedicated to the history of tourism in the Jungfrau region. This is the first museum in Switzerland that shows the development of Alpine tourism. 

This museum is located on the northern side of the Aare River just a short walk away from Old Town.


Located just across the Aare River from Interlaken is the town of Unterseen. The name of the town translates literally to Lower Lake which directly corresponds to its location on the eastern bank of Lake Thun. The small town is easily accessible from Interlaken by foot and is known for many medieval buildings around the marketplace.

This historic town is home to the Museum of Tourism that is dedicated to the development of tourism in the Jungfrau region. From Unterseen there are spectacular views of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau mountains.

Interlaken Monastery and Castle

Located close to the center of Interlaken is the Monastery and Castle. The former monastery with castle and castle church can be found at the western end of Höhematte Park. This monastery was first mentioned in official documents that date back to 1133. 

Ownership of the entire monastery was transferred to the state of Bern after 1525, and then the monastery was converted into a hospital. The Gothic architecture of the courtyard and chapel are worth visiting. 

Höhematte Park

Höhematte Park is a large park located in the center of Interlaken. The park is simply a large field with a pathway around the perimeter. This is also the landing place for the paragliders because of the lack of obstacles. 

Surrounding the park are many benches to sit and enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery. This green open space is a great place to stop for a picnic but keep an eye out for the paragliders. Across from the park is Höheweg street with many shops and restaurants.