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Heidelberg is a small German city located on the Neckar River in southwest Germany. The city can trace its roots back to the 5th century BC with a Celtic fortress and center of worship were built on the nearby Heiligenberg, a large wooded hill overlooking Heidelberg from the northern bank of the Neckar River. However, scientist claim that this history of the area goes back even further. This they gathered from the jawbone of “Heidelberg Man,” who lived 600,000 and 200,000, that was discovered in the nearby town of Mauer (about 20km/13mi SE of Heidelberg)

Heidelberg is a city that is surrounded by forests and is best known for its baroque Altstadt, riverside scenery, and hilltop castle ruins. As many as 11 million visitors come to Heidelberg each year to see the land that inspired German writer, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the British contemporary painter, William Turner, and American author, Mark Twain. This rich literary history combined with a thriving contemporary scene helped Heidelberg become a Unesco City of Literature in 2014. The baroque red roofed buildings were fortunate to survive WWII undamaged. 

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Transport to Heidelberg

Located in the south west corner of Germany, Heidelberg is a perfectly situated city, with multiple fast connections to other neighboring German cities. With Frankfurt under 1 hour away by train, Munich just over 3 hours and Berlin just over 5 hours, it can easily be paired with any of these great cities for a fantastic vacation in Germany. There are also fast connections to bordering countries including Austria and the Czech Republic. 

Almost all long distance travel from Heidelberg is via Frankfurt, as the small city does not have an international airport. Arrivals and departures by air are via Frankfurt's international airport which connects to most major European cities within approximitely a 2 hour flight time. 

Heidleberg is a very walkable city, however public transport in the means of trams and buses are available and its main train station connects to multiple small neighbouring towns which make for great day trips! 

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