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Plan a trip to Dubrovnik

Old City Walls

The mighty city walls of Dubrovnik are considered to be among the greatest defensive fortifications of the Middle Ages. Impregnable throughout their history, the walls run for an incredible 2km (1.24mi), encircling the entire old city. 

A dedicated walk along the entire length of the walls offers unsurpassed views of the city and the calm turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea. 

Dubrovnik's Beaches

Dubrovnik is much more than just the old town, and there are a number of attractive beaches in and around the city where you can enjoy a swim in near pristine waters or simply soak up the sun on a rented deck chair; there's never a cafe or ice-cream seller too far away. 


Croatia's beaches are usually quite rocky, but in Dubrovnik, they're often pebble beaches or a mixture of fine shingle and sand.

Mount Srd

Towering over Dubrovnik, the 412-meter summit of Mount Srd undoubtedly offers the best panoramic views of the old town and surrounding coastline. Ascend the peak via an ultra-modern cable car near the old city walls or get the blood pumping by hiking up a steep zigzag trail to the top. 

Apart from the beautiful view, there is also a museum dedicated to the 1991-95 Croatian War of Independence.

Game of Thrones

'Winter is coming' is not a phrase commonly heard in Dubrovnik unless it's on the set of the phenomenally popular HBO television series, Game of Thrones.

During your visit to Dubrovnik, take the opportunity to visit some of the film sets on a private Game of Thrones tour, including a visit to the Fort Lovrjenac, which stands in for the Red Keep and the docks of King's Landing where Myrcella was sent to Dorne.

Sea Kayaking

Dubrovnik is surrounded by the calm clear waters of the Adriatic, which makes it the perfect place to try out some sea kayaking.

Take a half-day guided sea kayaking trip and see the walls of Dubrovnik from a different angle. Start your trip beneath the ancient fort of Lovrjenac and set off to explore the caves and sights of Lokrum Island located just offshore from Dubrovnik. Your trip includes time to snorkel as well as some down time on the beach.

Lokrum Island

Located just off the jagged coast of Dubrovnik, the island of Lokrum offers a peaceful retreat from the often chaotic streets of Dubrovnik's walled city. For those who enjoy nature or bathing in crystal clear waters from rocky beaches, Lokrum is the perfect day trip opportunity.

Other activities on the island include exploring the ruins of the old Benedictine Monastery that was built there in medieval times or visiting the botanical garden, home to numerous peacocks, brought over from the Canary Islands some 150 years ago.