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Dresden serves as the capital of Saxony and tells a complex and dynamic history. Established along the Elbe River, Dresden has had a significant economic and political influence on the region.
A vacation to Dresden provides an interesting insight into the modern evolution of art, government, politics, and culture. The city was mostly rebuilt after heavy bombing during WWII, and today exhibits a mixture of architectural styles, most notably a cluster of Baroque churches and the Rococo-style Zwinger in the old city. The many museums, art galleries, restaurants, beer gardens, castles, and churches provide visitors with seemingly endless opportunities to explore and discover adventure.

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Transport to Dresden

Like most German cities, Dresden is very well laid out and its historic city center is very pedestrian friendly. Most of Dresden's museums, monuments, and sights are in the Altstadt (Old Town) or along the Elbe River's banks, so you'll have little need for public transport or taxis. 

Located just 1 hour south of Berlin and just over 2 hours north of Prague, Dresden is very well connected by train, with many travelers visiting the city on their way to or from the Czech Republic. Dresden also has direct international connections to Budapest, Vienna, and Zürich, and many other German cities, making visiting Dresden very easy to pair with other European gems. 

Dresden also has its own airport, with flights from some German cities, London, Zurich, and Amsterdam. However, most people visiting Dresden fly into Berlin which currently has 2 large international airports. 

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