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Copenhagen, in Danish, København, has been the capital of Denmark since 1445 when the Royal family made the city its official residence. Since then, the city has evolved into an international leader in innovation, sustainability, gastronomy, and design.

Copenhageners are known for always challenging the “norm” and believing that things can always be better.  This way of thinking transfers directly into their world-famous design concepts as well as the 22 Michelin stars given to 17 different restaurants within the city. Combined with the green oases and clean waters throughout the capital, Copenhagen is a magnificent place to visit and explore all year round.


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Transport to Copenhagen

In true Scandinavian style, Copenhagen is a very walkable city, so exploring on foot is the best way to see its historical and cultural centers. You can also rent a bike or hop on one of the city's excellent modes of public transportation. We provide our travelers with the Copenhagen Card so they can take advantage of the city's bus and metro system.

Copenhagen is also one of the most well connected European cities in terms of flights. With a huge airport, it is a major hub for Transatlantic flights from the United States and Canada, being one of the main entry points for many travelers visiting Europe. As such, it makes a great city to begin or end your European adventure, connecting perfectly with many other European cities by air, train and bus.

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