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Český Krumlov Old Town

The historical UNESCO-listed town center of Český Krumlov is one of the most beautiful in Central Europe, and it is the picture-perfect postcard setting that makes it a magnet for photographers, and architectural and history buffs. Medieval and Renaissance burgher homes are delightfully huddled together around the twisting, hairpin bend of the Vltava River.

At its most central point, you will find the old town square, framed by stately buildings that surround the Plague Column and water fountain. During the winter you’ll find the Christmas markets lined around the square, and in the summer it hosts a range of festivals and craft markets.  Wander and explore the labyrinth of narrow cobblestone lanes and lose yourself in a different era.

Český Krumlov Castle, Theater and Gardens

When you visit Český Krumlov, the first thing that will surely catch your eye is the magnificent castle that dominates the town. Offering striking examples of Gothic and Renaissance architecture, its interior can be seen with a tour guide, allowing visitors to see how castle residents once lived.

The castle’s unique theater, built in 1767, is also open for tours. As one of the only two remaining theaters from this era still preserved, it offers a unique and wonderful glimpse into the world of the 18th century.

Above the castle you can discover the Baroque gardens. Maybe the best part of a visit to the gardens is the walk to them, as you are rewarded with beautiful views of the historical town and the Vltava River below.

Hike to the Hill of the Cross

Český Krumlov is surrounded by green rolling hills, covered in forests, fields and pastures. Its idyllic locale makes the town a perfect hub from which to explore and enjoy the beautiful nature and historical gems of the Bohemian countryside. One of these historical sites lies just a short hike from the town center.

The Baroque Church of the Holy Cross sits on a hill above the town, providing an excellent opportunity to take photos of Český Krumlov nestled amidst the hills. Take a guided walk here with a local guide, or use our detailed directions in your Český Krumlov itinerary and venture there by yourselves.