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Hluboka Palace

Located just over half an hour from Český Krumlov lies the Neo-Gothic jewel, Hluboka Castle. As one of Europe’s most striking and stunning palaces, Hluboka Castle makes an ideal day trip from Český Krumlov, especially for those interested in history and architecture. 

Often described as the most beautiful castle in the Czech Republic, its shimmering white architecture has inspired untold numbers of Czech women to dream of a wedding there, and the gardens and parks that surround it on all sides create a picture perfect setting.

While its exterior was inspired by Windsor Castle in England, Hluboka’s intricate interior is filled with period art and furnishings, lavish ceremonial halls and collections of arms and armor. It was once home to one of the most powerful families in Europe, the Schwarzenberg family, and visitors to the castle can learn the stories of two beautiful noblewoman who heavily influenced the palace’s development.


Třeboň is one of South Bohemia’s most charming small towns, and it is located just over an hour’s drive from Cesky Krumlov. Surrounded by beautiful natural areas of lakes, canals and streams, Třeboň is the perfect day trip from Cesky Krumlov, especially for those looking to venture off the tourist path.

The town was once the center of a major fish farming industry, and its former prominence is reflected in a lovely town square, an impressive church, a palace and a historic brewery, all of which top the best things to see in Třeboň.

For the energetic travelers amongst you, take a guided cycling trip to Třeboň. As the flattest part of the Czech Republic, Třeboň is perfect for exploring the picturesque town and surrounding areas by bike, following the myriad of crisscrossing bicycle trails that lie along the lake shores. Highlights include the massive ancient trees lining the routes and the scenic lake villages that you will pass along the way.

Vltava River Rafting

Canoeing or rafting down the Vltava River is a delightful and adventurous way to see Český Krumlov while enjoying the pretty natural surroundings and the great outdoors. This trip is downriver, so you can paddle as quickly or as slowly as you like.

You can also stop at one of the outdoor pubs and food stands situated along the riverbank, where you can enjoy a potato pancake or klobasa roasted on an open flame. If the weather is warm enough, at some points the water is even deep enough for a swim. Ask your travel consultant if you wish to add this to your Cesky Krumlov itinerary.

Cycling in Český Krumlov

During your trip to Český Krumlov, you may wish to take a short but challenging cycling trip in the hilly countryside. 

In only a few short minutes, you will leave behind any trace of tourism and begin exploring the authentic and idyllic countryside of Bohemia. Your route will take you through dense forest, farm fields, pastures and charming villages.

Maidenstone Castle

Hike to hidden castle ruins!

Hidden in a thick forest and perched high atop a rocky hill surrounded by a steep river valley, the romantic ruins of the Maidenstone Castle are a wonderfully adventurous destination for a hike. This hike will take you through fields, meadows, and woods, and you will pass several small waterfalls as you follow a forest stream on your way to a stony path leading up to the castle ruins.

Zlatá Koruna Monastery

A guided walk through the exquisitely decorated corridors of the Zlatá Koruna monastery is a peaceful respite from tourist crowds. The monastery lies in a sleepy farming village tucked within a river bend.  Visitors explore the monastery's halls and cloisters, admiring the beautifully frescoed ceilings and delicately sculpted vaulting. Especially interesting are the former school rooms, where the monks once taught children using intricately painted instructions. 

Hike back to Český Krumlov!

Those who are feeling adventurous can take an easy 2-hour hike back from Zlatá Koruna to Český Krumlov through the beautiful Bohemian countryside.

Summer Bobsled Lipno

For the perfect family adventure, take a day trip from Český Krumlov to the Lakeside town of Lipno. Enjoy a thrilling ride on a rolling bobsled - a metal track that has been carved into the side of a ski mountain - and best of all you can enjoy it any time of the year! It's fun for all ages, and small children can ride with parents.

You may also be interested in visiting the nearby Tree Walk, enabling you to climb up into the tops of the trees and see the unique ecosystems that thrive there. You'll gain a whole new perspective on trees, while also enjoying a wonderful view of the surroundings. To cap it all off, you can take a slide back to ground level.

Telč, Slavonice and Třebíč

Some of Europe’s most enchanting and picturesque small towns are located in Southern Bohemia.

These undiscovered towns are easy day trips from Český Krumlov, allowing you the opportunity to discover even more charms of the Czech Republic. Take a private shuttle and discover three of the prettiest small towns in Southern Bohemia, Telč, Slavonice and Třebíč.