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Plan a trip to Budapest


The cobblestoned artists’ town of Szentendre lies charmingly nestled alongside the Danube River. Located only 10 miles north of Budapest, it lies at the gateway to the Danube Bend. Szentendre is an easy day trip from Budapest, easily accessible by train and by boat.

Its idyllic village-like atmosphere couldn’t be more different than the fast paced city life in Budapest. Nearly every building in the town dates back to the period of Baroque architecture, including churches, burgher townhouses, and pleasant courtyard homes typical of the Hungarian countryside.

Enjoy wandering the twisting lanes of this perfectly pleasant locale. Stroll along the riverbank promenade, or make a visit to one of the many cafes, museums or artists’ galleries in town. Drop down a gear and relax before taking the boat back to Budapest along the Danube.

Godollo Palace

Take an interesting excursion from Budapest through the pretty Hungarian countryside by train to the beautifully restored Baroque palace of Godollo. The 250-year-old Royal Mansion is one of the largest palaces in Hungary and one of the most significant examples of Baroque architecture.

Known as the “Hungarian Versailles”, Godollo Palace’s most famous resident was the glamorous and beautiful Empress Sisi. A tour of the palace will show you not only how its former regal residents once lived, but will also help you relate to their personal stories and provide context to the wider historic events shaping Hungary. You can also visit its beautiful gardens and a fascinating exhibit on the fate of the palace during the Communist era.

Janos Hill & the Children’s Railway

Janos Hill lies just on the edge of Budapest, and reaching it is an adventure in itself. Take a trip here out of the city and you’ll surely be one of only a handful of tourists. First you’ll take a bus ride through the leafy villa-filled neighborhoods of the Buda hills.

Then take a fun chairlift ride up to the top of Janos Hill, with your feet dangling beneath you as you watch the treetops pass beneath you. At the top of the hill, you’ll ascend the stone tower known as the Elizabeth Lookout to experience a wonderful 360 panoramic view over Budapest and the surrounding countryside.

You can then take a short hike to a rail station in the forest, where you will travel back to Budapest on a miniature railway operated entirely by children! Don’t worry, it is operated under the supervision of adults, but it does make for an excellent day trip from Budapest for families!

Danube Bend

The scenic location known as the Danube Bend is one of the most popular areas for day trips out of Budapest. Famous for its beautiful panoramas, wonderful architecture and charming riverside towns, it is the ideal day excursion for those who want to escape Budapest and enjoy an idyllic village atmosphere.

Our guided trip to the Danube Bend includes a visit to the little cobblestoned town of Szentendre, Visegrad and Esztergom, the first capital of Hungary and still the seat of the Roman Catholic Church in Hungary. Its stunning cathedral on the Castle Hill is a must for all visitors.


The charming town of Eger is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Hungary outside of Budapest. Located just under 2 hours from Budapest, this enchanting town is rich in historic sites and beautiful vineyards, making it the perfect day trip for those who love wine, history and architecture.

Take a guided tour from Budapest to Eger and enjoy a day of wandering the colorful streets of its medieval town center, admiring the Baroque buildings and visiting the Valley of Beautiful Women, one of Hungary’s most famous wine regions with over 200 wine cellars. During your trip, you’ll get a chance to visit one or two of the cellars for wine tasting.