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Situated on the Danube River in the heart of the continent, Bratislava is one of Europe's youngest capitals. Many who visit the city come by river cruise or as a day trip from nearby Vienna or Budapest, but a day is simply not enough to explore the historical gems and highlights of Bratislava. As a city of contrasts, you'll find beautiful pastel-hued buildings, fairy-tale cobbled streets and a towering turreted castle sat alongside concrete communist-era buildings, large shopping malls, and celestial looking towers. Outside of Bratislava, you'll find traditional villages, historical spa towns and a mountainous countryside that will take your breath away.

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Transport to Bratislava

Bratislava is a metropolitan city and Slovakia’s capital. While it is a relatively large city, the main tourist area is quite small in size and can be largely explored on foot with the help of public transport to reach sights further out of the city that can be visited as day trips. In the Old Town you can easily walk from sight to sight while enjoying the city’s charm. Detailed travel directions for getting around with public transport and for finding your way to and from your hotel will be included in your travel package.

Bratislava’s central location in the middle of three countries means it is very well connected to neighboring cities such as Vienna, Prague and Budapest. Trains also link Bratislava to Krakow, Salzburg, Ljubljana and Zagreb in Croatia. 

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