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Plan a trip to Bratislava

Old Town (Staré Mesto)

Sat in the heart of Bratislava you’ll find the Old Town, locally known as Stare Mesto. The city’s history can be dated back centuries although little physical heritage remains as much of it was destroyed during the communist era as part of infrastructure changes and modernization efforts. 

Visit today and you’ll discover the small but preserved medieval center comprising of some beautiful baroque buildings, pretty churches and charming cobbled streets lined with a great array of restaurants, bars and handcraft souvenir shops. Unlike many other cities, the historic center is mostly free of crowds, which makes it a refreshing and relaxing place to explore.

Bratislava Castle

Dominating the west side of the Old Town, Bratislava Castle is a monumental rectangular building complete with four corner turrets that stand tall as the city’s landmark above the Slovak capital. 

The strategic heights above the Danube occupied today by Bratislava Castle have been settled since prehistoric times although the castle itself has been added to, damaged, and rebuilt numerous times over the centuries. What you see today is a 1950s reconstruction now home to numerous administrative offices. Visit for views panoramic views over Bratislava as well as the Slovak National Museum.

Devin Castle

Located just 12km outside of Bratislava, Devin Castle is one of the most popular destinations for day trips out of the city. Set atop of a high crag, amongst beautiful natural scenery, the historic castle offers panoramic views over the Danube and Morava rivers below.

Although Napoleon himself ordered its destruction in 1809 as part of an enforced regional demilitarization programme, the ruins of Devin Castle remain magnificently well preserved. Take in the romantic views, visit the small museum or simply use the opportunity spend some time exploring the numerous hiking trails around the castle for an adventurous day out. 

Kamzik Television Tower

At 196 meters tall, the Kamzik Television Tower is by far the highest point in Bratislava. Home to a very reasonably priced restaurant, the tower offers fantastic panoramic views of the city and the Danube. 

So venture out of the city as enjoy beautiful sights of the countryside, and dine on some excellent food. 

Traditional Slovak Lunch in a Private Home

Enjoy an excursion to the village of Slovensky Grob, a little town 15 min drive from Bratislava famous for its goose and pâté specialties and indulge yourself in a traditional Slovak lunch in a private home.

For starters, try a potato pancake with liver pâté, then a goose, baked in on a country stove and accompanied with more potato pancakes for the main course. This will be rounded off with a tasty dessert and washed down with a glass of excellent local wine!