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Trnava was a flourishing commercial hub in the 16th century - the Archbishop of Esztergom moved to Trnava turning the town into the the Kingdom of Hungary's centre of cultural and ecclesiastical life for almost 300 years.

As a result, there are five Gothic churches within spitting distance of each other, including Franciscan, Dominican and Clarist, and there were joined in subsequent centuries by other ecclesiastical representations of high Renaissance and Baroque architecture. There are also surviving synagogues in town close the old city walls and the beautifully-restored main square and elegant renaissance town hall. The famous Driny Cave and the chateau of Smolenice are also nearby.

Bojnice Chateau

Take a guided full-day excursion to the romantic fairy-tale chateau in Bojnice whose 19th century remodeling was the work of Count Jan Pálffy, one of that century's great art collectors, who assembled a number of great works of art and created a chateau reminiscent of a French castle from the Loire Valley.

After Pálffy's death, his heirs sold many precious works of art from the castle, and then in 1939 they sold the castle to the Czech entrepreneur Jan Antonín Baťa (owner the famous shoe company Bata). After 1945, when Bata's property was confiscated by the Czechoslovak government, the castle became the property of the Czechoslovak state. It has remained in state hands ever since and today the chateau is part of the Slovak National Museum.

Folk Architecture Reserve

Travel to Čičmany village, the first folk architecture reserve in the world created in 1977, to see its famous wooden houses painted with distinctive white patterns on their external walls.

The local folk music, folk costumes and folk dances of the village have been preserved as well.

Authentic Wine Tour

Savour a guided Slovakian wine tasting tour to a local producer in the Little Carpathian wine region combined with a small hike into the vineyards and up to a castle ruin above the picturesque town of Svätý Jur. 

This five-hour tour will take you well away from Bratislava into classic Slovak countryside and introduce you to some outstanding wines with a very enthusiastic and young local winegrower.

Piešťany Spa Town

Thermal waters bubble throughout Slovakia but Piešťany is the country's premier spa town. Located just half an hour by train from Bratislava, it is famed for its curative geothermal waters and medicinal sulphuric mud. 

The delightful park on Kúpeľný ostrov (Spa Island), with its numerous fountains and statues, includes an open-air thermal swimming pool, and a network of healthcare facilities and sport facilities that you can take advantage of on a day excursion here.

Banska Stiavnica

Located approximately 2 hours outside of Bratislava, the small mining town of Banska Stiavnica is a wonderful day trip from the fast-paced city. The mining of gold and silver brought enormous wealth to the town which dates back to the 3rd century BC and subsequently the town is rich in mining history. 

Spend the day exploring the town’s peaceful cobbled streets lined with Gothic and Renaissance buildings and the medieval castles all of which contributed to the towns UNESCO listing in 1993.