Traveling With Kids

David Manley  ·  1 / 1 / 2016

Even though Mom and Dad may be dying for a visit to Europe, too many parents give up on the idea because they think their children won't be happy on the trip. Among other things, they worry that kids won't be interested in the history or the tours and that they won't be impressed by the architecture and scenery. Forgotten in all this is the fact that there are over 100 million children in Europe, and parents there are just as interested in keeping their kids entertained as American, Canadian, and Australian parents.

There are plenty of activities in Europe that kids will love, they just aren't included in the typical tour package or guidebook. The trick to making kids happy in Europe is simple – create an itinerary filled with activities they are actually interested in.

With Go Real Europe you can experience a kid-friendly trip to Europe that makes everyone happy. Let's look at the objections we started with and see whether they would apply to a Go Real Europe trip:

Kids aren't interested in history: Your kids may not care who Lord Rozmberk was or why he was important. But they will probably enjoy hiking on a winding forest path and climbing a rocky hill to reach the crumbling ruins of his Maidenstone Castle. There they could explore all they like without having to wait in a line or listen to a tour. They may enjoy the experience even more if they know the legend of the dwarf who hides in the castle ruins, guarding a lost treasure.

Kids aren't impressed by old buildings and architecture: Your kids might not be too terribly interested in the palace of Austria's former imperial family, but they would be sure to enjoy discovering the labyrinth they built in the palace gardens. There they would be able to race each other to the elevated viewing platform in the center of the hedge maze, or they could try out the many games within the labyrinth, such as the bouncing boards, a giant kaleidoscope, and water toys. They might also be fascinated to see the living quarters of the glamorous and beautiful Princess Sophie, and to hear her fascinating life story – one part fairy tale, one part tragedy.

Kids don't appreciate the scenery: Sure, few kids will enjoy the scenery if they are stuck on a bus tour for hours on end. But what if the sights are passing them by while they are paddling a raft beneath a castle, cycling alongside a lake, or riding a horse through the countryside? What if they are speeding down a hillside on a summer bobsled, or letting their feet dangle in the air as they ride a chairlift up to the top of a mountain?

Kids get bored during tours: Normally your kids might not be interested in a quaint cobblestone lane or the medieval homes lining it, but what if they are with a guide who is vividly describing the ghosts lurking behind those windows and doors? What if they hear stories of lost love, wicked schoolmasters, and rebellious sons and daughters who met terrible fates? Connecting the history of the town to stories of ordinary people who experienced extraordinary things just may make all these old places come alive.

How We Do It?

When you book an itinerary with us, your family can experience all of these things and more, and at only a fraction of the price charged by the tour operators selling "Family Trips". Plus you won't be trapped in a large bus or boat tour, taking your orders from the tour leader. Mom and Dad are the bosses on this tour. We create a custom itinerary for you, including only those activities your family is most interested in doing. We also provide all the information and back up you need to make it stress-free, including incredibly detailed travel directions.


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