Prague's Top Cafes - 6 Of The Best Coffee Shops In Prague

Samantha Barbagallo  ·  6 / 6 / 2016

While Prague's most popular beverage is beer, it goes without saying that coffee is second on that list! Prague's cafe culture has come a long way over the past decade, with a host of cool, hip and cozy cafes popping up all over the city. Skip the Starbucks and Costa Coffee and seek out one of the city's authentic coffee shops on your next trip to Prague.

Whether you're gasping for an Espresso, warming up with a Macchiato or famished and in need of a delicious pastry, Prague has more than one coffee shop to choose from and you'll never be too far from one on your explorations. But to help you out, here are Go Real Europe's top 6 best coffee shops in Prague and a little poem we wrote too! 

We dread the day when we turn back the clock, 
and the sun retreats from winter's shock, 
With darkened skies and a chill in the air,
it can get uncomfortable to journey here and there.

But do not fear there's no need to roam,
you'll stay warm inside and make yourself at home.
Prague has so many cozy cafes,
which wait for you with coffee lattes!

Tuck into a pastry, cake or éclair,
perfect for breakfast, lunch or a tea time affair. 
So let us help you find the best,
they'll treat you as an honored guest.

Grand Café Orient

Grand Cafe Orient Prague Cubist.jpg

The Grand Café Orient is the only café in the world built and designed in the unique cubist style. Located on the first floor of the famous House of the Black Madonna, it first opened in 1912 but closed 10 years later when cubism fell out of fashion. Since its reopening in 2005, it is a favorite with locals, serving very good coffee and well known for its excellent service. We love visiting for its fine detailing, from the brass chandeliers to the cubist style furniture. Its location off the Old Town Square also makes it a great place for lunch after spending the morning wandering around the Old Town and Jewish Quarter.

Address: Ovocný trh 569/19, 110 00 Praha 1-Staré Město, Czech Republic
Telephone Number: +420 224 224 240

Choco Café

Choco Cafe Kavárna Prague.jpg

For those looking for a cozy café and a good dose of chocolate goodness, the Choco Café on Betlémské náměstí is a fantastic pit stop between visiting the Old Town Square and Charles Bridge. It’s slightly off the beaten path location (literally one street away from the busiest tourist street in Prague!) means it’s not jam-packed full of tourists and its prices are reasonable. Plus it serves the BEST (and we don’t mean this lightly) Chocolate Cheesecake or Chocolate Cake in the whole of the city! Trust us, we’ve tried A LOT!

Address: Betlémské náměstí 7, 110 00 Praha 1-Staré Město, Czech Republic
Telephone Number: +420 222 222 519

Cafe Savoy

Cafe Savoy Prague.jpg

Located in the neighborhood of Smichov, close to Mala Strana, Café Savoy is an elegant Parisian style café known for its beautiful interior, high ceilings, and famous Savoy breakfasts. Although it is more on the pricey side, we highly recommend it for either breakfast or a lunchtime treat and it is easily reachable by foot if you are visiting the nearby Petrin Hill or Kampa Park in Mala Strana. You can find Cafe Savoy on your map of Prague in the dark blue area (R5) Little Quarter

Address: Vítězná 124/5, 150 00 Praha 5-Malá Strana, Czech Republic
Telephone Number: +420 257 311 562

Styl & Interier Café


Skip Starbucks and check out this hidden gem, a quaint coffee house tucked at the back of passage close to Wenceslas Square in the vibrant New Town district of Prague. Decorated to make you feel at home, this place is amazing in the spring and summer, offering a fabulous garden haven to chill out while the busy city life passes by just on the other side of the wall. If you visit in the winter, get ready for some delicious mulled wine and Christmas cookies. You can find Styl & Interier on your map of Prague in the light blue area (C4) New Town

Address: Vodickova 708/35, Prague 110 00, Czech Republic
Telephone Number: +420 222 543 128

Café Imperial

Cafe Imperial Prague.jpg

Café Imperial is not a place we recommend to visit just for coffee. This grand café is an architectural gem that has been drawing in tourists and locals since 1914. Its luxurious art deco style, delicious coffee, breakfasts, and cakes make this one of the best café experiences in the entire city and a real treat for anyone who visits. You can find Café Imperial on your map of Prague in the yellow area (R10,C5 Old Town)

Address: Na Porici 15, Prague, Czech Republic
Telephone Number: +420 246 011 440

Café Louvre

Cafe Louvre Prague.jpg

Dating back to 1902, Café Louvre is known as one of the elite cafes in Prague’s café culture. It is said that Franz Kafka used to visit the café frequently as well as Albert Einstein during his visits to the city in 1911-1912. It features an attractive Parisian styled décor with high ceilings and large windows with a view out to the busy Narodni Street below. Visit for a traditional lunch of Svickova or Czech made goulash or perhaps sample one of their delicious homemade sweet treats. You’ll find Café Louvre on your map of Prague in the light blue area (R3/C2) New Town. 

Address: Národní 22, 110 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic
Telephone Number: +420 224 930 949

Need any more suggestions...we've got a whole list! Contact your travel consultant for suggestions or check out the downloadable city maps available in your dashboard for restaurant suggestions too! 

You can also jump in and start planning your Prague trip today! 


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