Top 5 Cities to Visit in The Czech Republic

Nick Young  ·  19 / 12 / 2018

With its ancient castles, mythical churches, lovely medieval villages, and a fascinating 1000-year-old history, exploring around the Czech Republic can make one feel as if they’ve stepped into a fantasyland for travelers.

Beyond the beautiful, the country offers cities with cosmopolitan flair and luxury, and small countryside villages that will take you back in time. To help you get the most out of your visit, we’ve listed the top five destinations that show you the best that the Czech Republic has to offer. 



1) Prague

There’s no other place in the world quite like Prague. The impression one gets as they explore the Czech Capital is just how unfathomably gorgeous it all is. A walk through Prague-- with its perfectly preserved town center, opulent churches, beautiful architecture, idyllic green spaces, and magnificent bridges over the Vltava River -- tells the story of a one of a kind European city with a nearly unlimited amount of attractions to enjoy.

Travelers can expect to be amazed not only by famous sites—such as the Charles Bridge, the Old Town Square, and the Prague Castle—but also to witness a city that has come into its own with its many hip neighborhoods, a developing restaurant scene, tons of trendy cafes and bars, and a great variety of nightlife. It’s a place that every traveler in Europe needs to see at least once, and ideally again and again.  



2) Cesky Krumlov

Situated in the verdant Sumava region bordering Austria and Germany, the UNESCO protected the town of Cesky Krumlov can be described as nothing less than a fairytale town come to life.

Visitors can take a stroll through its charming pedestrianized lanes built during medieval times, explore its castle on the hill featuring elements of Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque architecture, and have a tasty meal or a beer in the many preserved ancient taverns dotted throughout the town center. A fun activity in the warmer months is to take a canoe ride that starts in the city before shooting you out to the surrounding forest, where you can enjoy a tranquil ride and pull over for lunch at the riverside restaurants you see along the way.  

It’s easy to see why this is an absolute favorite for travelers looking to get a bit of fresh air outside the city and go back to the age of ancient Bohemian kings and queens.



3) Brno

Brno’s humble claim to fame in the past was that of simply being “the 2nd biggest city in the Czech Republic after Prague”, but in recent years Brno has established itself as a unique and exciting destination in its own right. With the bustling pedestrianized zones of its medieval city center, chic cafés, stylish cocktail, and wine bars, and a lovable, laid-back local style, it’s earned its place as a destination well worth a visit for those that want to get a taste of a Czech city without the tourists.



4) Karlovy Vary

The small city of Karlovy Vary is well known to travelers for all the right reasons. For centuries, it’s been a hot spot for tourists quite literally, as people poured in to be healed by the city’s natural hot springs. Being a favorite spot of nobility and wealthy tourists over the last 600 years has shaped the city into one which has a certain high-level elegance and luxury which is felt as one walks down the riverside colonnade and past colorful and finely decorated classical buildings.

The can’t miss event of the year is the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival held for a week in the first half of July, when a who’s who of filmmakers, producers, actors, and cinephiles come together to celebrate and honor some of the best films of the year.



5) Kutna Hora

Famous for its dark and creepy Sedlec Ossuary, better known by its colloquial name “The Bone Church”, the city of Kutna Hora offers much more to travelers than just a few photogenic skeletons.

This former 10th-century German silver mining town features a wealth of Czech history, including a castle that housed several Bohemian Kings, the stunning Gothic cathedral of St. Barbara, and a surprisingly lovely town center that is easily walked within an afternoon. Located just 85km away from Prague, it’s an ideal place to explore for a day, and of course to get some creepy selfies with a few cool looking skeletons.

With so many magical places to visit in the Czech Republic, you are sure to find the ones that will capture your imagination and your heart.   



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