Top 10 Foods You Must Try in Slovakia

Eva Malá  ·  26 / 3 / 2018

Slovakia is well-known for its beautiful countryside, wild rivers, high mountains, large forests and developed agriculture. Therefore it's no surprise that you can find lots of cheese, meat, and potatoes in Slovakian cuisine. It is on the hearty side and is easy to complement with a smooth and tasty Golden Pheasant (Zlatý Bažant) beer or Slovakian gin called borovička (pronounced as bohrohvichkah). Here we list the top 10 foods you must try while visiting the Slovakian capital of Bratislava or even better small towns and villages.


1 Kapustnica.jpg


1/ Kapustnica (pronounced as kahpoostnyitsah)

Delicious cabbage soup full of locally produced goodies such as wild mushrooms, potatoes, sausages and smoked meat. The preparation differs depending on a region so don’t be surprised if many local restaurants have their own interpretation of cooking this traditional soup.


2 Lokse.jpg

2/ Lokše (pronounced as lohcsheh)

Picture freshly made potato tortillas and add goose lard - voila! You'll get Slovakian Lokše. These delicious potato pancakes can be eaten with a tasty lard brushed on them, stuffed with cabbage and meat or as a side dish to your Slovakian soup.


3 Slovak Cheese.jpg

3/ Slovakian Cheese

The country of Slovakia produces some of the best sheep cheeses you can possibly try! They come in a classic, marinated or smoked forms, in shapes of strings (korbačik), snail-like spirals (parenica) or small loaves with beautiful designs on them (oštiepok).


4 Halusky.jpg

4/ Halušky (pronounced as hahlooshki)

Picture tiny gnocchi in salty bryndza cheese sauce topped with fried bacon bits and sometimes even more cheese. Some restaurants also offer spinach or cabbage halušky. Why not try them all, right?


5 Pierogi.jpg

5/ Brydza Pierogis

Soft sheep cheese bryndza does not come with halušky only, you can also find it inside of pierogis. Mix all this up with butter, bacon bits and a little bit of fresh herbs and you'll get a dish you will want to eat again, again and again.


6 Slovak Sausage.jpg

6/ Sausages, Kielbasas and Pudding

As everywhere in Central Europe, Slovakia also offers a wide selection of different sausages, kielbasas, and puddings. Don't miss out on seasonalspecialtiess such as jaternica during the traditional annual slaughter of a pig!


7 Zivanska.jpg

 7/ Živánska (pronounced as zheevahnskah)

This dish is often cooked on skewers, grilled in a foil or baked in the oven. Traditionally, it consists of pork or lamb, bacon, potatoes, and onions. Throughout the years, people have started improving this classic with bell peppers, kielbasas and other favorite ingredients of theirs. So like with the cabbage soup, also here you can try basically a different dish everywhere you´ll go to.


8 Opekance.jpg

8/ Opekance

These small bread pieces which can be served sweet or savory are classic Slovakian Christmas treat. You bake them, you soak them in milk or water, you put your favorite topping on them (poppy seeds, butter, honey, cream cheese, bryndza, sauerkraut, etc.) and you eat them. The process might sound a little bit weird but trust me, Slovakians never fail to put only delicious foods on their holiday tables.


9 Bratislava Rolls.jpg

9/ Bratislava Rolls

These aren't just “c” shaped pastries, these are delicious Bratislava Rolls filled with nuts, poppy seeds or cream cheese! They have a long history and over the years have become a boast of the Slovakian capital - just ask locals while visiting.


10 Skalica Chimney Cake.jpg

10/ Skalica Chimney Cake

Skalica is a Slovakian town close to the Czech border. Famous chimney cake was brought here at the end of the 18th century by the Transylvanian cook József Gvadányi, a retired Hungarian general. People of Skalica improved the original recipe, created chimney cake the way we know it and a decade ago also got it registered as Protected Geographical Indication of the European Union. That means something!

Food is a door to the nation’s culture, hopefully, you will find time to open as many of them as possible! Dobrú chuť!


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