The Strangest Sculptures - Works by David Cerny in Prague

Samantha Barbagallo  ·  1 / 6 / 2016

One thing few people notice when visiting Prague is the mass array of weird and wonderful and sometimes controversial sculptures that have been placed around this very compacted city.

Most have been created by David Cerny, a Czech artist and sculptor, whose work has caused controversy and conversation since his notorious painting of a Soviet tank (bright pink) back in 1991 to serve as a war memorial in central Prague.

Since then he has continued to produce some of the most bizarre statues and sculptures, so we have compiled a sheet of some of his best work which you can find during your own explorations around Prague using the detailed directions in your itinerary when you travel with Go Real Europe!

If you want, print out this blog post and tick off as you see them!

Man Hanging Out

David Cerny - Man Hanging Out (Pixabay) .jpg

Found in the heart of Prague's Old Town, this rather peculiar sculpture is not an easy find. It depicts the psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud hanging by a hand, pondering whether to hang on or let go. Tourists are disturbed by the sculpture, often mistaking it for a real person committing suicide. Sigmund Freud was born in Freiberg which is now part of the Czech Republic. Even during the most prolific times of his career, Freud suffered from a number of phobias including the fear of his own death.

Giant Babies

crawling babies.jpg

During your explorations of the Little Quarter, take a stroll through Kampa Park and discover David Cerny's bronze babies that can be found guarding the entrance to the Museum Kampa. These strange larger than life sculptures have no faces and their fiberglass brother and sisters can be found scaling the Television Tower in the Žižkov neighborhood. 


David Cerny Piss Statue Kampa Prague.jpg

Yes, you read it right, the next sculpture which can be found outside in the courtyard of the Franz Kafka Museum is one of David Cerny's most hilarious creations. It features two mechanical men taking a leak on a map of the Czech Republic. You even can text a personal message to the number on the exhibit and watch the men spell it out to you with their bronze penises. Definitely, a must see sight!


 John+Elaine Chesterton (FLICKR) - David Cerny Statue.jpg

If you happen to be exploring the New Town area of Prague, then we recommend taking a short detour from Wenceslas Square to find the upside down "Horse" sculpture in the arcade Lucerna on Vodickova street. It depicts King Wenceslas astride his upside down a dead horse. It was created as a parody of the famous Wenceslas Monument which is located near the end of Wenceslas Square close to the Museum Metro Stop.

"K on Sun"

 sculptures (1).jpg

David Cerny's recent piece has been installed just a few meters from the rear of the Quadrio shopping center in Nove Mesto (New Town). Weighing 45 tons, this bust of Franz Kafka is composed of 42 moving layers and sits at 11 meters tall. While its meaning is yet to be confirmed by David Cerny, many speculate that it represents Kafka's tortured personality and unrelenting self-doubt. 

(Picture of Samantha - Director of Marketing in front of the David Cerny statue in Nove Mesto, Prague). 

Our Jewels of Cenral Europe trip includes a visit to Prague where you can discover all of David Cerny's weird and wonderful sculptures. Click the link to download your free sample itinerary for this trip! 


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