The Best Time to Visit Cinque Terre

Nick Young  ·  10 / 12 / 2018

In Cinque Terre, a traveler can always count on enjoying its charming pastel colored seaside villages, amazing local food, and those stunning hiking trails that run high above the deep blue Ligurian Sea. Each season has its own distinct qualities that will appeal to different travelers for different reasons so to help you decide when to plan your visit we have listed our favorite times of year to have a memorable experience in this unrelentingly gorgeous Mediterranean region of Italy.

 Cinque Terre_Spring_Resized.jpg

Cinque Terre in the Spring

For many people, the ultimate attraction of Cinque Terre is the collection of hiking trails that take explorers on a journey through vibrant orange and lemon tree groves, past brightly colored wildflowers with the intoxicating smell of aromatic patches of thyme and rosemary filling the air. If you are a traveler who loves to be outdoors walking through one of Europe's most incredible natural areas, you can count on a visit to Cinque Terre in the full bloom of spring being special.

Coming for your visit in early-to-mid May is perhaps the ideal time to avoid trail closures caused by heavy rain, while still getting the full colors of the spring and the warm, sunny weather.

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Cinque Terre in the Summer

The summer is the high tourist season on the Mediterranean, especially in August, when the whole continent of Europe seems to go on holiday. And while the high season brings some potential annoyances brought on due to its popularity to travel, it also makes certain aspects of Cinque Terre much more enjoyable.

The beaming Italian sun is sure to raise temperatures, but it also makes stopping to enjoy a gelato in the cool, shadowy corner of an old town square that much better. Walking the trails in the summer heat will undoubtedly cause you to break a sweat, but finishing your hike with a refreshing jump in the Ligurian Sea creates a memory of Italy that will last forever. And while the area is more crowded in August, the cities also come alive at night with locals mixing with travelers to create a festive, party-like ambience with music, food, and drink.

Even if you have to deal with a bit of extra warmth and more people, the Cinque Terre Summer definitely has its own charms you are bound to fall in love with.

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Cinque Terre in the Fall

The fall is the time when Cinque Terre can take a long, soothing breath after the high season of summer. The crowds disappear, the mood relaxes, and the locals can be themselves a bit more. This is when you as a traveler can get a unobscured view into the true culture of the villages and get more in touch with the people who live and work there.

Other benefits come from visiting in the fall as well. The weather is warm and pleasant, it's easier to find a table at a restaurant, and hotels and hostels are usually less expensive as well. This makes it a fantastic time as a traveler to truly experience Cinque Terre for what it is in a more natural, authentic way.

When you visit Cinque Terre you are sure to see an area that is full of unparalleled beauty. It's one of those destinations where you really can not go wrong no matter when you visit, but we hope you've helped you find the perfect time.



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