The Best Souvenirs to Bring Back Home from Prague

Eva Malá  ·  5 / 2 / 2018

To visit Prague is every traveler's dream come true. Grand architecture, cheap beer, and a laid-back culture attract millions of visitors annually. No wonder that one would fall into many tourists' traps along the way. Buying great souvenirs to bring back home to your family members, friends or even a nice gift for yourself can turn out to be quite a challenge. Streets in the city center are usually full of souvenir shops selling Russian gifts such as ushanka hats, t-shirts with taste-less slogans, over-priced Czech products or knock-off products, reflecting very little of the Czech people or their traditions.

Let us guide you through the best Czech souvenirs which will put a smile upon one´s face at the drop of a hat. Here, we focus on local produce, great value, and top design.

Czech Beer


You can't come back home without sharing the Czech Republic’s most popular drinks with people around you, especially considering the prices! Make your family happy by sharing some of the world-famous Czech beers, Moravian wines or classic liquors with them.

Czech Beer

You can't go wrong with any brand but if you want to be traditional, choose Pilsner Urquell or original Budweiser Budvar (yes, it’s Czech!). You will pay approx. 0,5-2 USD per bottle at any supermarket or a shop. If you are into craft beers, get the popular Matuška or Clock at one of the following craft beer stores in Prague:

Beer GeekSlavíkova 10, Prague 3 (metro stop Jiriho z Podebrad, green line)

Pivní MozaikaKřižíkova 177/29, Prague 8 (tram stop Karlinske namesti)

Beer Shop & Gruber DelicatessenThámova 32, Prague 8 (metro stop Krizikova, yellow line)

Bohemian and Moravian Wine

It might be surprising to you but this famous beer country also produces some fantastic European wines. Due to weather conditions, we recommend you have your pick of a tasty white, rose or sparkling wines ever the red wines. Again, you can find them at any shop or supermarket but if you would like a little advice from a great sommelier visit Noelka below.:

NoelkaSlavíkova 3, Prague 2 - Wine District (metro stop Jiriho z Podebrad, green line)

Traditional Liquor

Check out Prague's supermarket shelves as a souvenir for those, who'd like to drink something stronger. Search for a green Becherovka bottle which contains well-known herbal spa liquor (17 oz will cost you about 10 USD) or usually see-through bottle of Slivovice, a very strong plum brandy.

Czech sweets


While stopping by at a supermarket, go through a sweets aisle and grab Kolonada spa wafers or retro candies produced by Orion brand since 1896. To satisfy more gourmet buds, visit some of Prague´s farmers´ markets and stores to get artisan jams, syrups, sausages and other goods:

Sklizeno StoresSokolovská 79, Prague 8 (metro stop Krizikova, yellow line)

Farmers´ Market Jiriho z PodebradNáměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad, Prague 2 (metro stop Jiriho z Podebrad, green line)

Farmers´ Market on the RiverNáplavka, Prague 2 (metro stop Karlovo Náměstí, yellow line)

Beer Cosmetics


The Czech Republic is experiencing a great boom in original cosmetics. A chain Manufaktura works with beer, wine, spa salts and local plants a lot - you can even smell some of those in their award-winning perfume Woman 002 (it is extremely cheap - you can get it for 825 CZK/ approx. 40 USD only). If you are looking for all natural products, we also recommend visiting:

BotanicusTýn 3/1049 (Týnský dvůr - Ungelt), Prague 1 (steps away from the Old Town Square)

Havlíkova Přírodní ApotékaJilská 1, Prague 1 or Palladium Shopping Center, Prague 1 (both in the Old Town)



You can go classic or contemporary. Classic Czech jewelry contains Bohemian garnet, a ruby red gem, “vltavín”, a forest green rock formed by a meteorite impact about 15 million years ago which can be found around the river Vltava or Bohemian crystal beads. All three can be seen in any jewelry store in the city center and bought as a beautiful souvenir in a form of a ring, bracelet or necklace.

If you want to go off the beaten path, try some of young Czech jewelry makers´ stores:

Jelení Šperky (Deer Jewelry)U Rajské Zahrady 8, Prague 3 (tram stop Husinecka)

MooyyyMartinska 5, Prague 1 (steps away from Wenceslas Square)



Shoes are an obvious thing to go for while in Prague. While famous Bata stores which sell 1 million shoes a day might catch your eye, we would also recommend stopping by at Botas and get repolished award-winning design sports shoes from 1966 or at Kuraz to celebrate Jarmilky, communist ballerinas in new colors.

Botas 66 StoreSkořepka 4, Prague 1 (walking distance from Wenceslas Square)

KurážVeletržní 48, Prague 7 (tram stop Letenske namesti)



Fancy buying a souvenir which you can proudly display in your living room? Then Bohemian Crystal is a must! Hand-cut, engraved, blown and painted decorative glassware ranging from champagne flutes to enormous chandeliers, ornaments, figurines and other glass items are among the best known Czech exports! Get your piece at one of the original stores which will even ship it for you back home.

Czech contemporary art pieces can be found at Qubus. So do not hesitate to stop by and get yourself a ceramic plate in a shape of the Czech Republic or a vase with folk designs in a shape of a rain boot.

Crystal HBCeletná 5/601, Prague 1 (just off the Old Town Square)

QubusRámová 3, Prague 1 (walking distance from Old Town Square)



The Czech Republic has plenty to offer speaking of classic authors. Get your bookworm fix with one of many books by famous writers such as Franz Kafka, Karel Čapek or Jaroslav Hašek. Go straight to Luxor, the biggest bookstore which is right at Wenceslas Square and ask for books in English.



There are plenty of options when it comes to the youngest ones. Get them traditional wooden puppets which can be found on every single corner of Prague´s city center, return to the childhood yourself at 100% Czech toy store Hugo Chodí Bos or pay your respect to a timeless design of Fatra inflatable retro toys which will steal your heart.

Hugo Chodí BosŘeznická 1374/12, Prague 1 (tram stop Vodičkova or metro stop Karlovo Náměstí)

Fatra at Guma Store: Ječná 1542/24, Prague 1 (tram stop Štěpánská)

Good luck with your shopping!


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