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Eva Malá  ·  3 / 1 / 2018

We, at Go Real Europe, have just launched an updated version of our trip planner making it arguably the best online trip planner on the market! Compared to the older version of the planner, the current one is easier, faster, and creates customized trip plans in seconds!

The actual trip plan is just a couple of steps away. You simply choose destinations, transportation, hotel preferences and interests ranging from castles, family-friendly trips and concerts to wine, beer and local cuisine - our newly developed algorithm takes care of the rest. Although it is nearly impossible to create the perfect program, we stand by the success of ours as being as close as possible to putting together a flawless itinerary for you without repeating tours and events. In addition, when comparing our new planner, one may also see with competing companies poor logistics, low-quality tours (without professional knowledge) and inexperienced travel consultants. In our experience, appearances can be deceiving as other travel planner designs may appear professional and ideal from the get-go, but internally don’t offer the easy, functional and accurate service they should.  

We take a different approach and combine programming with a human touch by hand-selecting accommodations, tours, other options and their combinations. It has already paid off with hundreds of 5-star reviews on TrustPilot and Facebook.

“Our primary task is to make planning, booking, and experiencing custom travel easy and stress-free for independent travelers. Our new trip builder does just that, creating custom itineraries that exactly match traveler requirements while providing them with the benefits of our in-depth knowledge of their destinations,” explains David Manley, CEO of Go Real Europe.

Travelers can choose from Prague, Berlin, Munich, Krakow, Warsaw, Budapest, Vienna, Salzburg, Ljubljana, many excursions from these cities and several new places in Croatia here:

The future sounds promising for all travelers - we will be launching Italy, Switzerland and off the beaten path Slovakia in the first half of 2018. Our team of destination developers will not stop there though. You will be able to enjoy more of Europe or even the world without the hassle and unnecessary complications soon.


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