The Best of Tuscany, Part 3: Culture

Chelsea Barbee  ·  11 / 8 / 2018

Tuscany is a place that is rich in culture. The region has an incredible wine and dining culture, as you’ve read about in the previous two parts of this series. On top of that, their love of hospitality and true conversation is unbeatable. Here are four amazing aspects of life that you can expect from the Tuscan culture:


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1/ Tuscan Hospitality

No matter where you stay or what type of restaurant you visit on your trip to Tuscany, you are guaranteed to feel a deep sense of hospitality. Tuscans take great pride in making you feel right at home. Eating at a restaurant? Rest assured that you have been inducted into that restaurant’s family. Staying at a hotel? You are basically their long lost cousin. There is no sense of loneliness in Tuscany because everyone wants you to feel comfortable and right at home. Welcome to the family!



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2/ Tuscan Conversation

If you’re looking to go away on a silence retreat and not talk to anyone for days at a time, I do not recommend going to Tuscany. If you are looking to chat up jolly people who have a true love and admiration for life itself, the Tuscan culture is for you. Getting your haircut? Sitting in a cafe? Walking down the street? Chances are someone might try to strike up a conversation with you. The incredible part of it is - they aren’t asking for anything out of you except for a lively conversation full of laughter and purpose that makes you wonder how anyone could ever think of leaving Tuscany.


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3/ Family Time in Tuscany

Stepping into any restaurant in Tuscany guarantees that you will see a happy family sitting at a table, talking to each other, laughing together, and truly enjoying each other’s presence. The Italian family unit is the most meaningful part of their culture. Family comes before all and that is a life lesson we should all take back to our home countries.


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4/ No Shame in Relaxation

Need a morning off? Want to peruse a bookstore all afternoon? Desiring an evening nap, but not before a glass of wine? Then you’ve come to the right place. This Italian tradition is mentioned in the famous book turned into movie Eat Pray Love. In this book, this notion of pure relaxation is called “dolce far niente”, translated in English to “the sweetness of doing nothing”. This is a cultural belief that is held close to heart in the Italian, and especially the Tuscan, culture. If you need some time to just BE, Tuscany is calling your name.

There you have it, the four most important and widely-loved aspects of Tuscan culture. If you have been on the fence about booking your trip to Tuscany, we hope this three part series of the Best of Tuscany has convinced you it's time to take the leap. Tuscany is one of the most magical regions of the world. We promise you won’t regret it. Book today!


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