Prague´s Best Off the Beaten Path Restaurants

Eva Malá  ·  12 / 3 / 2018

There are many dining options in Prague - from food stands in the Old Town to classic cheap cafeterias outside the city center to Michelin star restaurants situated right next to your favorite sites. Here, we don't just simply copy and paste restaurants from the most recent Michelin Guide but instead take you on a tour to where the locals often find themselves, offering fantastic food and great atmosphere for a price you can’t beat.


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The Best Czech Restaurants in Prague

Czech cuisine is hearty and matches sublimely with our famous Czech pilsner style beer. You can't leave Prague without trying some of the great soups (goulash, potato or cabbage). Afterwards, be sure to order one of our staple dishes such as svickova cream sauce, Czech goulash, “knedlo-vepro-zelo” (dumplings served with roasted pork and two kinds of cabbage), roasted duck or deep fried cheese (accompanied with fries and homemade tartar sauce) while finishing the course with a great dessert such as kolaches, buchty or sweet dumplings.

Lokál Restaurant Chain - classic Czech dishes and some of the best pilsners beers in town!

Eska - new age Czech cuisine in a restaurant which obviously pushes to get a Michelin star pretty hard :-)

Tiskárna - arguably the best svickova cream sauce you will ever try!



The Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Prague

While traveling to Prague, don´t worry if you aren’t into pork as much as the Czechs are! Prague has got a great food scene which pleases everyone - check out our selection of vegetarian restaurants here:

Clear Head - a great vegetarian restaurant with a very sophisticated interior design.

Plevel - raw and vegan options can be found here. Get yourself a vegan version of classic Czech dishes!

Etnosvět - an award-winning vegetarian restaurant which should not be missed!



The Best Asian Restaurants in Prague

To many people’s surprise, one can find many Vietnamese restaurants in Prague. This is because, during the communist period, Czechoslovakia and Vietnam had an educational exchange program. Many Vietnamese found themselves in a new world but certainly didn’t forget where they came from, especially when it comes to their fantastic food. Besides authentic Vietnamese cuisine, you can also taste other foods from all over Asia while visiting the Czech capital.

Sapa - often called “Little Hanoi” or “Vietnamese Town”. It is a place where you can find everything you want as well as everything you don´t. And the cuisine? Superb! (and cheap)

SaSaZu - if you have already eaten every single bahn mi sandwich and pho soup while walking down the streets of Prague, you might like to go to this upscale Asian fusion restaurant. It´s definitely worth it!

Bibimbap Korea - yes, it´s a traditional Korean restaurant with awesome bibimbap! YAY!



The Best American Restaurants in Prague

If you become homesick while traveling, you can get a quick American cuisine fix in Prague. Everything from Buffalo chicken wings to juicy burgers can be found at a reasonable price. Forget the everyday fast food chains such as McDonald´s, KFC or TGI Fridays, we know better!

Barfud - the best chicken wings in Prague owned and operated by a native of Wisconsin, USA. Prepare yourself for large portions and great deals!

U Kurelů - another restaurant owned by Americans which offers to die for dishes, burgers especially!

Mr. HotDoG - the talk of the town and the winner of Brewsta’s Burgers 2017 for their famous Bacon Cheese Slider!


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The Best Meat Lovers Places to Eat at in Prague

What perfectly pairs with pilsner style beer? Meat! Where can you find the best pilsners coupled with unforgettable mother-watering meat? Prague! You have come to the right place. Just make sure that you visit one of the places below for the full experience:

Naše Maso - this butcher´s shop and buffet mean “our meat” in translation. You can get the highest quality products, awesome burgers, sausages and more straight from their knowledgeable staff.

Kantýna - self-served dishes and beers from just around the corner from the main sites! Yes, they have beef tartar too (another often-eaten dish in the Czech Republic).

Maso a Kobliha - means “meat and donuts” so it is pretty easy to understand what to expect.

To avoid waiting for quite some time to get a table at these fantastic places, call in for a reservation, all of them get very busy! Bon appetite!


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